Vacation planning long does it take?



We ordered the Video last year, it took about 3 weeks for ours to arrive. I also ordered the DVC video it arrived in 2 weeks. The kids love to replay both.


My last one took almost three weeks.


4 weeks here…musta been a busy time!


Like 3 weeks here…


The last time I ordered one it took quite awhile. I was at the post office when I got back from


We ordered one 2 years ago - still waiting.

We ordered another one last year - still waiting for that one, too.

In fact, I think we ordered the one from 2 years ago - SEVERAL TIMES!

I think they must think I don’t really need one!


Definately order it. Even if it comes too late, well, it’s free, and you can watch it after your trip just to get pumped for your NEXT trip! :smile:


It took ours 2 to 3 weeks!!! We watch all three all the time they are fun!! I would order them no matter what!! By all 3 I mean WDW, DL and the Cruise one!!!