Valerie's Deluxe all the way fun weekend!


Cast: me Valerie
DH Clarence
Dates January 18th- 21st.
Resort: Contemporary

Last weekend we took one of the most relaxing trips we have ever had. Back in November I was researching flights and found Delta one tickets to Orlando for $139.00. Surprised, I check for a Disney reservation, and found a great deal for the CR using my CM discount. It was too good to pass up so without telling my DH I booked both of us. His birthday is in Jan so I thought that this would be a great way to celebrate.
When I told him we were going back to WDW so soon after out October trip he was skeptical, but when I should him the numbers he said “let’s go!!! For me this was a dream trip because I had always wanted to stay on the monorail line, and I had been hearing really good reviews on CR online. Our room was going to be a garden room but before we left I received a surprise in my email…


Welcome back, I can’t wait to hear more about your trip.


The surprise was that our room as listed as being a Bay Lake view Tower room. Now I was so excited. I couldn’t believe it. This trip was quickly turning perfect. Our flight Fri morning left Knoxville at 7:30 so we were at the airport at six. On the way there we listened to the WDW soundtrack to get excited. Our flight left on time and less than 2 hours later we were at MCO. I love to fly!!! There is nothing better that waking up, getting to the airport early and be landed in Florida at 10:00 am.
:cheshire: :cheshire: :peterpan: :john: :hercules:


We got some coffee at the airport to perk us up, and were quicking on our way to check into ME. Checkin was smooth, and soon we were on the bus. Unfortunately the bus was slow in leaving and we had to wait 20 mins for the bus to leave. :glare: I get really impatient on a bus, waiting on a bus, and having to make multiple stops.

When we arrived on Disney property my heart filled with joy. To me when I arrive, and I see the Welcome to Walt Disney World sign, my eyes water up and my heart feels at home. :happy: :happy:

Our driver announced that the first stop would be the Poly, and the I realized “we could get off here, and ride the monorail to the CR”. My DH liked the idea, and never misses a chance to visit the Poly. I was also hungry at the this point, and I was really hoping to get some Tonga toast at Captin Cooks. We laughed we got off the ME bus, but the driver didn’t say anything, DH tipped him, and we were off!!!


I was so happy to be there. We we got to Captin Cook’s we had missed Tonga Toast by 15 mins at first I was crushed till I saw the self service Dole Whips. This was the perfect time to have a dole whip for breakfast. Life was feeling pretty good. It was 10:45 on a Friday morning I was at the Poly viewing Cinderella’s castle while eating a dole whip. :wub: :wub: :cheshire:


Glad to hear you were able to return to WDW so soon!

Bummer that you missed the Tonga Toast. :crying:

But Dole Whips are tasty!

Not as tasty as those you get on the Dole Plantation in Hawaii, but still very tasty! :wub:


YUMMY!!! I am sorry you missed Tonga Toast but I could go for a Dole Whip anytime!!!
I can’t wait to read more and for the love of pete I hope you took pictures of that gorgey room!


Sounds perfect so far!!


Sounds great . . . can’t wait to read and see more! :laugh:

I still haven’t tried me a DOLE WHIP . . . got to do that in FEB! :blush:


sounds great so far yum dole whips


sounds like you had a wonderful time so far can’t wait to hear more and pics?


Sounds like the start of a great TR to me… keep it coming…


Sounds like a great start so far! How about some pics!


Great start to your TR, can’t wait to read more!


Here is one from the Poly with my breakfast dolewhip


After having dolewhips and a turkey sandwich at the Poly we hopped on the monorail to head over the CR. When the monorail stopped at MK I wanted to hope off and check in later, but we decided to go ahead in check in.
The check in process felt really long, and they started to give us a wing room, luckily I had a copy of my reservation that said tower, and they quickly fixed. Our room was ready!!! We were on the 10th floor, and the view was spectacular.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics of the room, but I did get some of the view from the balconey.


Here is the view from the balconey. To the far right you could even see Spaceship Earth:wub:
Also here is the construction on the new building.


Wow. :blink:

It seemed like just yesterday it was flat… :eek:

Construction if going fast! :ohmy:

Great view, by the way! :wub:


We got settled in, dropped off our bags, and then we were off to Epcot. We decided that we wanted to spend the afternoon in the World Showcase because on our last trip we felt like we didn’t get enough time there. So that was were we headed. Both of us felt like walking too so went to DTD then caught a bus to the BW because I love to enter Epcot through the International Gateway. When I do this it almost feels like I am entering a surreal seperate theme park that celebrates and embraces cultures of the world. On my first trip to WDW I feel in love with Epcot esp the World Show case:heart: :heart: . During my CP I spent a lot of time there. I would rather go to WS than other club, bar etc.

This day was not different and being there felt magical. This trip was not so much about going on rides and attractions but just being happy to be at WDW.


I spy a Mod Floral Pink VB bag… LOVE IT…and the dole whip too!!!