Val's 2nd WDW Trip TR!


Cast: Me, Val, age 33 3/4
DD Alyssa, age: “Iam turning 8”
DM, age 74

(I have not prepared anything so bare with me as Iam going to wing it as I go along)

Day 1 - Friday Oct. 28th, 2005

I get up at 7am and get DD up for school. DD is very excited because she knows that in about 8 hrs we will be on our way to the airport.
I get DD off to school and visit with a neighbor and say my goodbye’s and thank her for the little necklace that she sent off with her son to the bus-stop to give to my DD. We visit for a little bit and I tell her that I will be back with a little basket w/Toto to lend her DD (2) for Halloween as she is going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I go back to the house and shower and get some of the last minute stuff packed. It is now about 12pm and I have some last minute errands to do. Iam off to the Nail salon to get my pedicure! And then afterwards Iam off to the Dollar store to get some last minute things. By the time I get back home I have just enough time to get my last minute purchases in the suitcase and am ready to go get my DD from school, which I planned on signing her out at 2:30pm and then head straight to the airport. I grab her clothes to wear on the plane and am ready to leave but my DM is still at the Mall!!! :mad: :mad: I had wanted everyone in the car and head over to the school to get my DD and then on my way to the airport but it was 2:20pm and my DM was still not home yet which infuriates me because she had all day to get ready. She had went to the mall to pay some bills and buy a small carry on bag because all her luggage is ancient and a pain to carry around. My dad then advised me to get my DD from school and then come back to the house for them. I had 2 more errands to do at this point, I grab the Toto w/the basket and drop off the items to her and say goodbye again and at that point I told my neighbor that Ive been running all day, had nothing to eat all day and my Mom was still not home! :dry: She made me a quick tuna sandwich and out the door I ran to the school, got my DD, drove to her brownie leader’s house to drop something off while DD changed in the car into her plane clothes and switched coats. By the time I got back to the house My DM was waiting in the driveway, I pulled in , ran inside grabbed my boarding passes that I printed out on the computer earlier, went to the bathroom, refilled my coffee mug and out the door I went, and my Dad came along to drive my Jeep back home so I didn’t have to pay for parking. We are off to the airport!!!.. On the way to the airport, I was moving pretty quickly, I then remembered that the new luggage tags I got from AAA were not filled out yet so I handed them off to my Mom in the backseat who had just finished transferring her stuff from the bag she had in the backseat to the new carry on she bought. She started filling out the tags in the back and she got car sick so she handed off the tags to my Dad who was upfront with me. He was cursing the whole time because he had trouble writing while I was driving! :laugh: … All of a sudden my DM warns me that Iam going to have to pull over soon… :eek: Iam on the turnpike and at that point there was nowhere to pull over and asked my DD to hand her a kleenex box she spotted and while Iam driving I can hear my DM getting sick in the backseat so I pulled over which she told me to keep going which was kinda hard to drive while all that was going on!!! :blow: :blow: She felt better after that, a little bit anyways and as we were approaching the airport she noticed that the kleenex box leaked thru and on to her pants, part of her shirt and coat!! :eek: :blow: We get to the airport and get out of the truck and she sees that it’s all over her and a little bit got in my truck, on the side of the seat, on the floor and I was irritated but what can you do. We arrived at the airport and my Dad flagged down a skycap to take our luggage, I hand him my boarding passes I printed out and he took our 6 bags and even my DD"s booster seat with no problem, gave me my luggage tags and we proceeded to the gate. We get to the security check point and we all know the drill by now, put everything up on the belt, and take off your shoes. Everybody went thru no problems but I buzzed when I went thru security so I had to hang out until a Female security guard came along :glare: . She came along scanned me down with the wand and we determined that my bra set off the alarm! :laugh: She then told me that certain V.S. bra’s will set it off and I told her that’s what I had and it was a underwire so there you go… LOL
We make our way to the gate and stop at a bathroom on the way there and my DM tries to clean herself up the best she could. We get to the gate and wait for our turn to board and on the way on the plane I had already called Window seat and I was trying to get my DD to sit in the middle, as we were on the left side of the plane and I knew that if my DM sat in the middle I was in trouble because the left side of her was where she got sick. Well I opened up my mouth and My DD quickly volunteered to take the Aisle seat! :glare: I told her “thanks alot!!! fine friend you are!!! :laugh:” We get settled in our seats and Iam holding my breathe, lol. My dd then proceeds to put her tray down and I tell her that the tray must stay up till we take off. She also tried handing the Flight Attendant her coupon for her free headphones and I told her to wait. Well every 5 mins she was asking if it was time yet and I told her no so she then bugged the flight attendants which I tried to stop my DD before the lady came over but it was too late, so she asked what my DD wanted and she told her that she must wait till after take-off then she could put her tray down and get her headphones. Well she kept bugging her and I even yelled at her because at that point she was driving me nuts (I have very little patience if that at all!) Well we finally take off and we then tell her it was ok, she puts her tray down and plays and then the flight attendant handed everyone free headphones, how cool was that? :cool: The flight attendants then announce they were going to come around with drinks and a meal! Score!! We are getting FREE food too! Things are looking up!!! We hook in our headphones, after playing with them about a 1/2hr trying to figure out how you get those things on… I think we were the only retards who had this problem! LOL No more traditional headphones, they are the ones that just clip on your ears. We tune in to the movie “Bewitched” after finding the channel it was on, and then I quickly turned it off because it stunk!! We turn some tunes on and then our food came… we got a mini turkey sandwich, a sm bag of Fritos and a single Take 5 bar!! YES!!! I was in heaven, what beats Fritos and a Take 5 bar??? We joked around and nicknamed my DM Pepe Le Pew or Pepe Le Puke, LOL, and DD and I were enjoying the music and suddenly we were in Orlando!!!
We arrive, I wave down a Skycap who followed us to our turnstile and fetch our bags and then it’s off to the Dollar rental car counter. I gave the lady my reservation confirmation and told her I was Dollar express member, hand her my letter I got in the mail with my Free Upgrage and told her that I never got my membership card and she says “it will come eventually”. She upgrades me from a midsize to a Full size car and then askes me for my CC. I give it to her and asked if she could charge me when I return the car and she said Yes, but she has to pre-approve the funds on my CC now. I flag down my DM and told her the situation and she gives me her CC for the pre-approval and the lady then tells me my mom has to be the driver, and I will be charged an addtl $7/day so I can be a driver as well as we knew that my DM wouldnt be doing ANY driving, well we went back and forth and then the Mgr comes over and tells my DM to call the CC co. to give me permission to sign on her CC, we took care of everything, and off we went to the garage to get the car which was already assigned, the lady at the key booth gives me the row and spot # which the car was not there so the skycap hit the alarm on the remote and we find the car and it’s this little Ford Taurus! :pirate: The skycap gets MOST of our luggage into the small trunk, we tip him generously for waiting so long with us and I just get in the car and go as I was too tired to fight with anyone anymore that night. I grab my directions and we are off to the Ramada. We get on 528 and the traffic was HORRIBLE!!! Bumper to Bumper the closer we got to the Disney exits. I was very annoyed, as it was around 9pm and we were all tired. As we get closer to our exit 64B, there are signs of construction and a road detour for our exit!!! :pirate: I was directed to get off the exit before because 192 was closed in the route we needed to go. So we got off exit 65 I think and Iam trying to figure out how to get to the hotel from there, I find 192 and make a left going W and of course 20mins later I figure out we are going the wrong direction, I turn around and go East and finally find the hotel. By this time it is 9:30pm and we decide after checking in to just go eat next door at the Bob Evans and skip Citiwalk Jimmy Buffet’s :frown: Oh well, I wasn’t going to stress about it, my DD was very tired and very hungry. We had a great meal at Bob Evans and the bill was only $19!!! We get back to the hotel and get settled in for the nite and off to sleep. I only brought 1 suitcase up to the room as we knew that in the morning that we would be checking out and heading over to the WL.
Let me tell you that this Ramada Resort Maingate was beautiful!!! It was big and the rooms were very nice and had a restaurant/bar off the lobby (which was closed), and a little souvenir shop and we got our room keys in those little paper holders with a Mickey hand on it! :happy: I wasn’t at a Disney hotel but it almost felt like you were!!! The lobby also had some freeform like waterfalls, very pretty hotel and it only cost me $42 for that 1 nite!!! I got that rate thru AAA. Not bad if you want to stay off-site in an affordable hotel.

Day 2 to come… (sorry this 1st day was soo long but I didn’t want to leave out details as that tells you what kind of day we had!)


So far so good. Can’t wait to read more. Thanks for sharing! I sure hope your luck changes and your mom starts to feel better.

Lisa :mickey:


Alright, you’re on the right track now…keep going, the night is still young Val.


yucky…another vomitting TR…what is up with you people from New Jersey throwing up all the time???

Just Kidding, just kidding, i hope the rest of the TR is a little less vomitty!


Day 2 Saturday Oct 29, 2005-

I wake up early and start getting myself ready. I then wake up my DM and DD and advise them to get up too so we can get out of there. Before you know it, we are out of the hotel and driving over to the Polynesian for our 10:30am PS for the Kona Cafe. We drive over and I drop off my DD and DM at the front entrance and advised them to go upstairs and register us for our PS. I find parking no problem and head in, as I approach the restaurant upstairs I remember that I left my DD in the car!! I then hand off my camera to my DM to hold while I go back downstairs to the parking lot to get my Document holder that has all our Id’s in it, hotel vouchers and my DD. I get back to the restaurant and find my DM and DD seated so I join them and the waiter comes along and we place our order. We enjoy our smoothies and I take a couple pics while we wait for our food. The waiter comes along and states that the kitchen is backed up and it will be awhile longer and I said No problem at all, Iam going to the gift shop to look around and take my DD with me. We do some browsing but don’t buy anything, I just love this gift shop at the Poly!! I was looking for the Princess autograph book but everyone seems to be sold out, oh well, after some browsing we head back to the table and our food had just arrived! I ordered the Tonga Toast which was Heaven just like Dana said (thanks Dana!), I did have something very similar at the CBR last year at their food court but I think it was better this time! At least everything seemed to be going great as I just arrived at WDW! :happy: Anyways, My DD orders pancakes which were not mickey shaped but 1 big pancake with 2 small pancakes that made up the ears and there were some candy on the pancake but my DD didn’t seem to like it so she ate her bacon and we shared some of our food with her and she continued to share my Raspberry Smoothie that I ordered that was just Delicious!!!
We enjoy our meal and head out to the WL to check in!!! As Iam driving through the MK gates, I goofed and did not get over far enough to the right so I had to circle around and the 2nd time through we were on our way to the WL. We drive up and were in awe of this beautiful hotel!!! :heart: I pull up for check in in front of the hotel, grab my vouchers and tell my DM and DD to stay here, watch the cars and take the luggage out. I go inside and get on line. While Iam online I hear a bell ring and someone yelling, I start laughing as well as everyone else. I looked at someone next to me and say “now that was worth staying here for!” :happy: :laugh: As Iam waiting Iam hearing some people getting assigned to their room and others being told their room is not ready. I get up to the counter and Iam being assisted by someone that did not have that friendly Disney demeanor like some of the other CM’s at the counter, oh well… She asks my information and I hand her my hotel voucher and she starts looking around in the computer and hands me a packet of papers and stuff and then tells me that my room is not ready yet but I will be on the 6th floor and then circle something on the hotel map, she circled a whole row of rooms and told me she can’t tell me my room # because it is not ready yet but to call this # on the paper after 3pm and they will tell me my room #, I just looked at her with this confused look and very sad and asked her why couldnt she tell me my room # and what do I do with my bags? She told me again that she couldnt tell me my room # but it is on the 6th floor in this wing and I would be facing towards the MK and we could leave our bags out front with baggage services. I then ask her why others are getting a room # and why Iam not and she told me that I booked a STD room and none are available at this time. My Dm then walks in with my stuff and asks our room # and I tell her that the room is not ready and that we dont know the room # yet that we have to call back after 3pm, just then another CM then walks over and he looks around in the computer, punching buttins for a few minutes and then calls over the CM back and said “here ya go Cora”. She then proceeds to check me in and tells me “oh you got an upgrade!”… I was soo relieved we were able to go up to the room, my DM then walks back in and asks my room # again and I tell her and I ask her why she is holding my things and she said that she didnt want to leave them in the car and I asked her where the car was and she told me she gave it to the valet!! :angry: I then tell her that we are going to bring our bags up to the room and then head over to SW so she goes back outside to get the car. Iam a little aggravated at this point as she knew we were going to check in and then head over to SW for the day. I go outside and ask valet about my bags being brought up to the room and they tell me to go inside to bell services to get my luggage brought up to our room, so I go back inside and give my information to bell services and along someone comes and tells me they will bring our bags right up!
We then get in the elevator and head up to the 5th floor to room 5154 and upon entering the room there is a little dresser on the right with an ice bucket on top and 4 glasses and on the left is the bathroom, 2 double sinks and then inside to the shower/toilet. Walking further into the room is a dresser on the right with the TV on top and the 2 QUeen beds to the left with a nite stand in between and straight ahead is the sliding glass door to our Balcony!!! This was the highlite of the room!!! :cool: We had the view of the private pool down below. We were pretty far down the corridor almost in the last wing. I then take another look around and dont see a refrigerator so I ring housekeeping to have 1 brought up, within minutes 1 of the mousekeepers was as the door with the refrig. and hooked it up under the double sinks, I tipped her and she left and the phone rang, it was bell services advising me that the bags would be up in a few minutes. After a few minutes while we are waiting I notice our message light on and retrieve our messages and there is a message welcoming us to the hotel. After a few more minutes our bags arrive, we grab a few things, go to the bathroom and then head out to go to SW!!! We drive over to SW, no problem, arrive and park in the turtle lot and take the tram to the front gate. We buy our tickets on 1 of those automated machines and upgrade our tickets for an addtl $6 each to come back again once more within that week, but the ticket stub said we could return up until Dec. 31, 2005??? Anyways, we had bronze tickets whatever that means, we get inside grab a map, my DM runs to the bathroom and afterwards we head towards the dolphins. On the way there we notice an Anheiser Busch souvenir shop! Iam cracking up and tell my DD to call her dad to let him know where she was (he is a Budweiser man!), she tells him and he is jealous!!! She asks if he wants anything and he tells her he wants the recipe on how to make the Beer! LOL I then tell him that they have the Beer school that shows you how to make the beer but there is no recipe, after we teased him we hung up and were on our way to the dolphins, on the way we stopped and saw the Sting Ray’s, 2 minutes later I said let’s go (remind you Iam a person of no patience, after 2 minutes I want to be on my way and it was after 1pm and had the Luau that nite at 8pm so I wanted to do as much as we could in the little time that we had) so we were off and went down by the dolphins, we waved our hands in the water a bit and admired the dolphins for awhile :heart: . We then left and headed over to the stadium to see the dolphin show, we arrive and have a little time before the show is starting but the stadium is getting pretty full. I tried to sit in 1 of the lower rows that were marked “soak zone” but my DD and DM are afraid of water! :rolleyes: We finally decide on our seats, DD and DM sat across the aisle from me up 1 level and I sat on a end seat across the aisle 1 level down which was the last row in the soak zone and I could care less if I got a little wet as I knew that eventually I would dry off (the air was a little cool today and the nite before when we arrived which I was a little disappointed over but the sun was shining but it was very breezy making it a little chilly). We enjoyed the show, I snapped alot of pics and I barely got wet. I really enjoyed this show as I love Dolphins and the birds were beautiful and performers were awesome!! I absolutely :heart: this show!! The only problem was that evertime I would snap a picture of the dolphins jumping in the water, by the time my camera flashed the 3 times, the dolphine was already underwater!! I hate that about my camera and I dont know how to adjust it if that is at all possible so I just snapped away and got some shots that were pretty good! After the show we head back over to the Dolphin Cove and I notice it is almost feeding time for the dolphins so I jumped on line and I was # 3 in line and I just waited for the window to open to buy the feeding fish. … It really amazes me how many people tried to cut the line! I had to tell a few people that the line started around the corner BEHIND us!!! There is a sign telling you where to go , and there was a line that already formed! :rolleyes: Retards! Anyways, after standing there which seemed like forever (I have a bad back and knees and can’t stand in 1 spot for very long), I got my fish and headed over to the spot where my DM and DD were, I wanted to feed the fish and so did my DD but only had enough $$ for 1 thing of fish since these dopes dont take CC’s :glare:. By the time I got over to the wall there was barely any room to stand but I squeezed to where my DM and DD were and handed a fish to my DD, she got a little nervous and dropped her fish into the water afraid of dropping the fish into the dolphin’s mouth but the dolphin scooped the fish right up! I then proceeded to feed the fish and dropped my fish into the dolphin’s mouth (which he already had 3 fish hanging out in his mouth! LOL, I was trying to tell him to swallow! LOL) DD did not want to feed any more fish to the dolphins so I got the benefit of feeding all the fish to the dolphin and rubbed under his chin when I was done and then said good bye and we left to go wash our hands and continued thru the park seeing the Manatee’s, alligators, and I forget what else. DD would not ride Atlantis with me (chicken!) so we went thru the park and I raced over to KRAKKEN!! :biggrin: :biggrin: I LOVED this ride!!! It was soooo Cool!!! But it ended too fast! Anyways we continued to tour the park stopped by the penquins and then went to get lunch, we ate lunch at a pizzeria over by Pets Ahoy, food was pretty good, DD got her kids meal in a little plastic Shamu thing with a handle, DM got the same thing as me Cheese pizza w/fries! YUM! We ate lunch then left, went by that oyster spot where the guys are in the tanks teasing the kids! LOL The announcer made an announcement to get your camera out as this was a good photo op! I looked around and my digital camera was missing!!! :eek: :eek: Ahhhhhhhh!!!
I ran back to the pizzeria with my DD and then DM behind me, I ran to the table where we were sitting and there was another family there and Iam thinking oh great… it’s gone!!! I asked the man if they found a camera and he says: No… everyone then stuck their head under the table and after a minute he says: Oh wait… crawled under the booth and Voila!!! Hands me my camera!!! :heart: I was soooooo Relieved!!! I thanked him a few times then we left and went on our way… saw the sharks and then was over in the Shamu area and DD started Trick or treating… Today was 1 of the day’s they had trick or treating and they did it all day long I think at no EXTRA charge!!! We trick or treat, snapping pictures along the way and oh yeah, I took pics of the photo op’s oustside the Budweiser and Clydesdale area too, DD and I had some fun snapping pics, we jumped on the Shamu and took pics there or I should say my DM took our pics and then my camera battery died , we made our way out of the park, walking along that boardwalk over the water was very cold!!! My DM stopped at a bathroom on the way out and as we were leaving she informed me she had diarrhea! :pinch:
We headed back to our hotel and got ready for the Polynesia Luau :happy:
My DD insisted on wearing her hawaiian sundress that had the matching purse and of course she wore her sandals, I wore a nice top but wore my jeans as I was cold but wore my sandals so I didnt look like a slob! LOL My DM as always, wore a blouse and pants. We stopped by our front desk and picked up our Luau tickets and drove over to the Poly. (oh we had another message at our hotel when we got back to our room so i checked the message and it was the front desk reminding us of daylight savings time to turn our clocks back for tomorrow)… Anyways we get to the Poly in plenty of time and walk out back to the Luau Cove which seemed liked Miles away!!! We were walking fast and my feet were killing in my shoes! :pinch: We get to where we are supposed to be and then got on line for our photo, we took our photo and then were being let in to be seated, we were told to stay to the right on the stairs and down we went to the right and someone seated us… the CM brought us right in the middle section on the floor below and right up front!!! OMG!!! We had front and center seats!!! We were freezing up there but we had Primo seats!!! :cool: We started eating, my DM fell in love with the coconut pineapple lil bread loaves and she wrapped 1 up to go! :rolleys:, We had salad first then they brought out the main meal, rice, green beans, bbq chicken and I forget what else, I ordered wine to keep warm, the show started while we were eating, we enjoyed the pre-show and then we were finished when the show continued on. The show was really great, all 3 of us enjoyed the show, they called the kids up on stage, and my DD got shoved to the back, they did a little mini luau and then sat back down, they called up newly weds and anyone celebrating an anniversary and the Luau continued and this show was Awesome!!! We were freezing at this point, I ordered DD a hot chocolate and I had another glass of wine (wine was included with the drinks so that is why I drank wine), trying to keep warm, a lady came by with our pics, we bought them (I hated the way I looked but it was a nice souvenir so my DM bought the pics), the show ended, and when we were leaving DD said she had to go to the bathroom, and we ran into “Auntie” exiting out to the back and my DD told me she really loved the show, we left, I took off my shoes as I had a blister on the bottom of my big toe and we made our way out and back to the hotel. When we got back I set my cell phone alarm and rang for the wake=up call (this is a must do everynite for me!! LOL). We put some of our things away and off to sleep we went, all exhausted but had a wonderful day!!! :happy:


LOL! I was holding my shirt over my nose and tried to open the window, in my window seat!! :laugh:
I told my DM at 1 point to ask the Flight Attendant if she had any Febreeze, she finally called her over and asked but she had none, my DM expained she got sick earlier and her clothes stunk and the Flight Attendant says: “I dont smell anything!” BS!!! come over here lady!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
That is on my packing list for next trip… FEBREEZE!!! :laugh:

More to come tomorrow, it’s nite nite time! LOL


That was a heck of a first day Val! And it took me a minute to realize that the DD you left in the car on day 2 was your “DISNEY DINING” and not your “Darling Daughter” :wacko: I thought maybe the late hour was getting to you :wink:


No, actually it was my Disney Dollars!!! All 150 of them!!! :laugh: :laugh:
I was on the Disney Dining plan BUT, I booked 13 TS meals so I needed to pay for 6, which of course I chose the breakfast’s beacause they are cheaper!
that was good though!!!
DD can just about stand for anything, huh?

*oh… side note, I used the Luau towards my DD plan, which counts as 2 meals, but I still paid for 6 in the end.


Great TR…I couldn’t got on a trip with my DM I have no patience and would end up leaving her somewhere!
We did the Luau last summer and while we enjoyed it, it isn’t something we would rush back to do!
Looking forward to reading the rest!


Great report val. Loving those details and can’t wait to hear more. :heart:


Never apologize for details!! Can’t get enough of 'em! Great report so far! ( well, ok, so the vomiting part was not great, especially for your mom!)


Too Funny! I thought maybe you had the Disney Dining Experience card!
Very smart to take Disney Dollars to pay for the extra meals.

I can’t wait to hear more!


More please! This TR is especially addictive. I love all the details!


sounds like you had a long good time so far


I can’t wiat to read more of your trip report. After a rough start, it sounds like you had a great time.


Sounds like you had a great day at SW. Sorry about your DM getting sick :crying: Great TR with a lot of details! Waiting for day 2!


Iam glad everyone is enjoying my TR so far, I was afraid they were too long and would put you guys to sleep! :huh:
On to the next day, next installment coming up…


Day 3 Sunday October 30, 2005

Wake up early, got Mickey’s and Stitch’s call, woke up DD and DM and headed for the shower. We drove over to the BC for our 9:30am PS at the Cape May Cafe’, I had my DM and DD wait in line while I ran in the gift shop to buy my DD"s autograph book and pen. I ran back and my DM was still on line, there were ALOT of people there! We finally get to the podium and I get my pager and go and sit down outside on a bench. I walk around look outside and come back, my DD starts writing her name,etc… in her auto. book. Then she starts labeling each page in her own misspellings, lol …“Name” and the opposite page “Picture” . :rolleyes: I told her she didnt have to do that and we won’t be putting any of the pic’s in the book (just like last year). We finally get called and as soon as we get to our table (which is just opposite the buffet) My DD yells out that she lost a pin! :pinch: (those stupid backings were always falling off!! :mad: ) I asked her which one and she said the Mickey and Minnie one in the heart!!! :eek: I asked her if she was sure and she said yeah and I asked her where did she think she lost it and she didn’t know so I run back out to the bench and see NOTHING! The CM even took a look inside for us when we ran out, I looked across the floor where we walked in to our table and Nothing!! I asked her if she sure she lost it here and she wasn’t sure… she was also sitting down in 1 of the kid’s chairs watching TV so who knows if she lost it there, another kid problably scooped it up by now so we went back inside and sat down, was greeted by our served and hit the buffet… I was not impressed with this buffet at all, I didnt feel there was enough food to pick from, the only thing I can say was the cheese blintzes with the raspberries on top were good. The characters were making their rounds and there was Minnie, Goofy, Dale and Chip!
This was the part I was annoyed about… The characters took so long to come around to our table! Goofy came first, then Minnie then Dale, then I think there was a switcheroo and FINALLY Chip came out… We were sitting there waiting for Chip a good 1/2 hr before he finally was spotted in the restaurant and I was not going to leave before getting his auto and pic w/my DD!!! We musta been there an hour and a half I think. Between the wait time for the characters and not so impressive food I dont think I will be going back here. Oh welll… I paid with my Disney Dollars, lol and off we went to the MGM! I parked in the AAA Diamond Parking after a nice man helped us and directed us over there. When I first arrived there was nobody to direct us where to go when you first come in the lot, not until you came up to the first available row, a guy directed me to park in that row and I asked for the AAA Diamond Parking and he said very abruptly that the Diamond lot is “Over there”, you can exit and re-enter and park there or you could park like everybody else!! :mad: How rude!!! Like I was taking $$ out of his pocket or something!! I said the heck with it and started to park when another nice gentleman came up to me and saw my Diamond voucher in my windshield and said “do you want to park in the diamond section”? And I said Oh Yes, that would be great!! Thank you!! There was nobody to direct me when I entered the lot. So he told me to go straight out, cut across the grass and follow that road to the diamond lot, and that is just what we did and how simple it was! I didnt have to exit and re-enter like that jerk wanted me to do! :dry:
So we arrive in the park and head to the shop that sells the engravable name tags, we start looking thru them and they didnt have much for my DD to pick from, she was looking for a Princess one and I eventually found a Belle w/the Beast one and I found a Villain one for me! :happy: We continue to look around and I pointed out the name necklace I wanted to get for my DD and my DM picked it up and hid it from DD as a future Bday gift!! I walk up to the counter so the CM can engrave the name tags while we continue to shop and I also handed the necklace to the CM and told her to put it aside so my DD dont see and that my DM would make the purchase, she then starts to scan the name tags and I told her to hold off, I didnt want to purchase them yet, that I still wanted to look around and get more items. While we were looking my DD spots the wedding mickey ears hats… she wanted the bride one and I told her no, pick something else out that they are reserved for Brides and Grooms that get married in Disney! I told her to pick something else out, like maybe 1 of the princess ones and she wasnt too happy about it, We pick out a couple of pins for my DD and buy her a new lanyard, the nice soft ones, with WDW printed down each side, and I buy her the Princess Trading Metal to hang from the lanyard and I asked if our name tags were ready and the CM responds “no, you wanted to buy more things” :rolleyes: I then told her I thought she would engrave them while I shopped for more items… anyways, another CM took the tags and engraved them for me and I told the CM I would be next door looking around while she did that…My DM comes up to the counter w/their purchases and it seems my “No” was not good enough, my DM was going to buy the “bride” hat against my wishes… I got mad at her and stormed out… This always seems to happen, I tell DD no and she gets upset and runs to Grandma telling her My mommy won’t let me have this and she goes against my wishes as her mother and gets it anyways… It really infuriates me that my word means nothing… Anyways I stormed off, went outside and looked next door, after about 15mins when I was done cooling off, DM and DD starting walking off from the store and my DD is crying that she lost me, I called her over as she passed me as I was standing right next to the store but where they couldnt see me, I give her a hug and we left, heading for Beauty & the Beast as we missed this last year. We get on line and watch the show and all is forgotten… we stop at the ice cream cart and grab some ice cream bars on the DD meal plan and head over to find the backlot tour, I walked all over and finally when I found it, it was temporarily closed and we were advised to check back later!! :glare:, we walk into the Honey I shrunk the kids (we missed this last year too!) play area and it was mobbed!!! After 10mins I was really getting claustrophobic in there, I called DD over and told her that we were leaving! This park was just too crowded at this point and I was getting aggravated! Some tour group was there from the UK and they were everywhere!! , We then walked into Millionaire, we just missed the cut off so we had to sit separately, none of us made it to the Top 10 but it was still fun!!! We left swung by the Little Mermaid and the wait was about 60mins and I said forget it let’s go… we swing by the Great Movie Ride and that line was long too, so we went down Commissary lane to find some characters and we found Monsters Inc and got in line as 1 of the characters would be out in 15mins. It turns out that Mikey W. was there for photos (no autographs for obvious reasons), we leave and then walk up Hollywood Blvd to get ready for the parade, we found a spot right on Hollywood Blvd close by to H&V (so I would be close by for our PS at 4:30pm), we were standing right at the intersection, a CM informed us that we had to stay to the side to let people cross and once the parade gets closer we were able to fill in the spots so we did just that!! We watched the parade, I snapped alot of pic’s and then off to H&V we went, we plopped our things down on the table and I ran off to ToT and RNRC for Fast Passes so I could hit them after dinner b4 Fantasmic!! 1 Of the rides was not accepting fast passes, I think it was ToT I dont remember but I got the FP for the other ride and ran back to H&V and we registered for our PS at the podium (we still had about 15mins to spare), while we waited I rang Dana on her cell to see if she was coming that nite for EMH, I got her voice mail and left her a message and then we were called in. DM and my DD headed for the booth seats and I asked my DD if she could let me have the booth seat as the chair was hurting my back, she gave it to me but complained about it so my DM gave up her seat to her, I then told my DD that wasn’t right and she shoulda let her grandmother sit in the booth seat, she wouldnt budge and I was a little annoyed with her, we grabbed our food and shortly after Dana called to let me know that she wasn’t coming over to MGM and that she would meet up with us tomorrow nite at the MK for MNSSHP and told me she wasn’t feeling well and cxld her PS for LTT that day but to call her that nite and we will meet up… We finished our meal and we left… my DM then asks me “dont you have to take care of the bill?” I told her no because it goes on the Dining Plan (not really knowing I had to sign for it anyways) We still had some time so I hit RNRC with my FP, hit the Villain shop drooled over the great merchandise and that Villain Lanyard/pin starter set for $50!!! :eek: and then made our way to the front of the park for Fanstasmic, stopped along the way and got our EMH bracelets and went in the back entrance for Fantasmic to watch the show!! (we were on the Fantasmic dining pkg too!). We made our way down to the 3rd row for some empty seats, watched the show and exited w/ the rest of the crowd so I could ToT, I got in line and my heart was racing… why was I nervous? I went on this last year w/no problem??? I got on in no time, was sitting in the back (thank god! Iam always afraid of sitting in front of someone who might get sick!!), my heart still racing… and after a few drops it was over and wondered why I was nervous, lol. We walked over and did the Muppets show (this always makes me laugh!), hit Star Tours for the 1st time and my DD exclaimed that it was a baby ride! LOL and then we left and went home! We were exhausted!!! It was also a little breezy and cool that day, I was feeling sad that the weather wasn’t warm like last year but after Wilma breezing thru, it took all the heat and humidity away. Get back to the hotel and go to bed!!!

Ooooh! I have to tell you this… when I got up in the morning it was like 8am and only my cell phone alarm went off, wondering why I never got my “call” so I rushed everyone to get ready then we turn on the tv and wondered “wasn’t it daylight savings time last nite?” We find the correct time and I start Laughing!!! :laugh: “Haha, I got you all up early!!!” hehe… then the phone rang shortly after for my 7:30am call and we all took our time getting ready… hehe… It was nice for a change instead of yelling at everyone to hurry up and move it!!! Both my DM and DD like their sleep!!! I do too but not when Iam at WDW, I like to be up early to get a move on in my day!!


Great TR so far… You sound just like me… Up and Adam… We are in WDW… No time for sleeping… By the way getting sick must be a Nj thing…My kids are now… I hate it… Especally if u are in WDW… thats the worst… cant wait to hear more!!


I have a DD just like yours the only difference is that my DD does not see my mum more than twice a year (we live too far apart) So when she goes running to grandma I just look the other way it is easier than getting upset! I don’t know how I would cope with it if we lived near her and saw her a lot!

I am loving your report, and the great detail! I am looking forward to the rest. :biggrin: