Value Resort Discounts?


Hey guys. My brother is getting ready to leave on 8 Jan 06 and was wondering if there are any discount codes for the value resorts. Have any of y’all heard of any? Thanks.


Try AAA. I stayed at PC on the 1st for 62 dollars plus tax.


Where does he live? All I know of are the Florida res. ,AP, and AAA and of course the one offered to the general public.


Arkansas resident, not Florida. Are they strict about the AAA discounts? I know that most hotels will give you the AAA discount just to get you stay there. Does Disney require actually to see the AAA membership card? I know…it’s bad to ask…but hey, $20 is $20… HA!


As far as I know yes they are very strict about Ids. We always get asked for our DL when we book witha florida res. deal.


I wasn’t asked for my AAA card when I checked in on the 1st,just my driver’s license.


I used AP discounts a few times and was never asked to see my AP!