Value resorts question


Has anyone visited the All-Star Music resort lately? I have booked my trip for the weekend of Oct. 8th, and was wondering what the current price of the refillable resort mugs is these days. Also, does that particular resort have an exercise room (treadmills…etc.)?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!



Since no one has responded… Welcome to Mousebuzz. This link will help with the questions about the ASMu. All Star Music Fact Sheet

I “think” the refillable mugs are around $13.00.


Thank you so much for the info. We have stayed in the Music resort before…about 10 years ago…so any updated info is greatly appreciated!!:goofy:


No work-out rooms…but really nice sidewalks to get in a nice run…


Welcome to MB.I can’t answer your question but i wanted to say WELCOME!! By the way, I am from south Fl. originally. Nice to meet a fellow south floridian:laugh::laugh:.


I’ve never been to All Star Music so I can’t help you, but WELCOME!


welcome no work out room buy nice walkways. we have stayed there twice… we liked it alot.


Oh well…I guess running it is…lol. Thanks for the info and welcomes!!


I think the only resorts that have gyms are the deluxe hotels and Coronado Springs (because it is a convention hotel).


It is very nice to meet you as well!! I am less than 2 hours away from the Happiest Place on Earth…so travel to WDW is easy…we just go when we can…and then we go on a budget.