Value season for DL


Does DL have value seasons just like WDW? i was just wondering if they do something like that. thanks!


From: - Disneyland Vacation Discount Info

The basics: Disney normally offers three “seasons” at the Disneyland Resort hotels each year. Value Season (roughly January, February, last three weeks of October, first three weeks of November, and first three weeks of December) is the least expensive (and least crowded) time. Regular Season (roughly the months of March, early and late April, all of May and June, and last week of August through first week of October) is mid-priced and moderately crowded. The most expensive and crowded time of year is Peak Season (roughly mid-April, July, first three weeks of August, and dates around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year).

Thus, the easiest and most obvious way to get a discount at the Disneyland Resort hotels would be simply to book in the off-season. However, you may be able to save much more. Depending on availability and current promotions, it is quite possible to save as much as 45% off the full price “rack rates” at the Disneyland Resort hotels. The savings can add up to hundreds of dollars. :smile:


thanks ready. i’ll keep this all in mind whenever rob and i go to DL.