Value Season & Free Dining?


Hello guys… I need your help. Last Feb, I was able to book our trip in a window where value season and free dining just barely overlapped. I’m looking at booking in Sept/Oct next year, but can’t find a list of the seasons. Can anybody help me locate it, or have an idea if there’s a time period that will overlap? … I guess I could try out different dates on the website, but I was hoping not to go through all that trouble :blush:

#2 has a chart with all the seasons and room rates for 2012. it does not look as if they posted 2013 yet but the dates are usually pretty close to the same each year. - 2012 Walt Disney World Resort Room Rates & Season Dates


You’re probably not going to find anything on Free Dining this far out. Those perks aren’t offered until WDW has booked all the rack rate vacations they can get.


You best bet for FREE dining next Fall is any check in September up until the 29th. If you want to get freaky and try for October FREE, check in by the 4th as that’s the day value season technically ends. The full first week and second week are never going to have free, but you may get lucky on the third or 4th week of October too.


If you go to the “details” page of the resort, there is a link that says “room types and pricing” if you click that it will take you to a page and you can get all the seasons from 2012-2013.


Thanks for all your help! I was able to locate those seasons under the “Room types” tab… how have i never seen that?! :blink:

So, I guess we will try to book during the second week of September. If we need to change it when the dining dates come out, at least we’ll already have it paid off :happy:


For your purposes, traditionally the summer value season is about the third week in August through the entire month of September with perhaps the first week of October.


I found this great chart for the seasons/pricing for 2013. Helped me pinpoint the week I want to go next year for my family’s first trip. I’m also trying to get the free dining during the 2nd week of september. The dining more than doubles my rate for that time period.