Value Vs. Moderate


For most of our trips we stay at POR. However, DS will be turning three before next years trip and therefore adding a large sum of money to our basic trip cost. We’ve never stayed at a value before and I’m very curious as to the pros and cons of staying in one from people who have stayed at both a value and a moderate. Thanks so much!:wub:


Is your DS your only son? Or do you have other children? I know the values are smaller than the moderates, but, if its only the three of you, the savings would probably be worth it. Its hard to go from bigger to smaller, though, just so you know. However if its the difference between going to WDW or not, then, I would say, try a value. Also, it depends on how much time you plan on spending in your room.


We also have DD8. The cost increase won’t stop us from going to WDW, but going to a value may increase the number of days we stay.


If the change in resorts=more days to stay, I would change in a heartbeat!
We have done all of the all stars, and had a great time. We are doing Pop for the first time this year, but anticipate a great time. I think one of the keys of staying happy in a value room with 4 people is to stay organized. We have stayed in a value with 5 people (one was a baby in a crib) and had a great time. Good luck!


We have stayed in the values, and if I had to, I would again.

BUT… given the choice, I choose to go with a moderate or deluxe. My reasons are from personal experiences, and not from what I have heard. We have come to the conclusion that the values, like All Stars are way more crowded. They tend to be booked with a lot of tour groups which often consist of a lot of children. We have found the pools to be absolutely packed. We also have experienced a higher “in room” noise level at the values. We have heard people in the rooms above us walking, running, toilet flushing, tub water draining. We have experienced a lot more running up and down the halls,
at night. The rooms are smaller. There is NOTHING wrong with the values, its just that when I stay at a resort, I prefer a more quiet setting. We find that more often at the Mod’s and deluxe’s. We found just that at POR. It was heavenly as far as a nice peaceful resort. We also find that at WL. (favorite)


Here’s my theory! :blush: (well you asked!)

If you are park commandos (ie. always in the parks, never use the resort amenities 'cept a dip in the pool) GO VALUE! Same Disney hospitality, without the perks of quiet, serene grounds and pools with slides. Still FUN, still Disney!

BUT . . . if you are one that likes to RELAX while at Disney, lounge by the pool, stroll around the resort, shop or have a TS dinner . . . then I would go moderate!

We live in FL so frequent it 6-8x a year (mostly long weekends) when we go to relax and swim and chill I do POFQ (great pool) or CSR (great pool)! BUT 6 outta the 8 times we do VALUE!

The room is smaller, the beds are full size (not queen), there is no coffee maker or fridge in the room. (fridge can be added for $10/night). But if you are organized, there is no reason it can’t fit a family of 4 comfortably!

Also . . . my DDs are 8 and 4 and they :heart: the theming at the VALUES! It just appeals to them and they feel like they are AT DISNEY!

As far as noisier . . . really it all depends on the neighbors! :laugh:


We had to make the value vs. moderate decision this trip, since we are going with 8 other people. (Friends, some with children). We have stayed at a moderate before and my friend has stayed at a value. She wanted to upgrade, for the following reasons.

  1. Noise- she felt that the value resort had thin walls and was very noisy
  2. Travel Time- a. She felt that there were fewer buses that traveled between the parks and the value resorts
    b. She felt that the time spent traveling on the buses was longer

Not sure if this will help, but I know she definitely wanted to book a moderate this time.


If I am not camping at Fort Wilderness, I am staying at the value resorts. I used to only stay at the moderates, but there are such great deals at the values. We are big park people so we just sleep there. The rooms are a tad bit smaller, but totally doable for our family of 4. Save the money and spend it elsewhere!!


What about the size of the values. They look HUGE. Are the walks to the bus stops and food court pretty far?

Thank you all so much for this info. It’s really helping so far.:happy:


I haven’t stayed at a mod in a couple of years, but I don’t think the walk is to bad to the buses, food, or pool.


I have done both and hated the travel @ POP. POP was nice, but we would routinely watch 8 buses go by (August trip) after the fireworks. The bus queue at Epcot for POP passed 4 other resorts.

Aslo, The Food court was Jammed at 8:30am and 5-8 pm.

I picked pop because it was My son (13) and I only on free dining and we did late nights. When I had my 2 young Boys along (2+4), POFQ was great. Laid back, nice pool and easy transport.

I would say anytime with kids, and If money is not a hardship, go moderate. Ditto on Mickeysgirlz post


These were my main concerns. I’ve seen the size of the lines at the values in the evenings…insane! I have however also at times seen two or three value busses show up while we were waiting for just one for POR. I guess it’s a luck of the draw with that one. I’d like to try them at least one night some day just to check them out. We were booked in the All Star Suites in September but as the size of our party began to drop, we ended up switching to POR. If it were a matter of going or not we would without a doubt go to a value. But for the time being I think I would rather go a day less and have the quiet (we like to sleep ALOT) of POR:happy: .


I have stayed at both moderate and value and from my signature you can see that POP is my resort of choice. For me, not having a table service restaurant or boat/bicycle rental is not a big deal. The values can be spread out but if you ask for a preferred location then the walking distance is minimal. I have walked the resort at night with my DS14 and DD7 many times and it’s quite nice. Although I would love to stay at a moderate again we always opt for POP so that we can stay longer. As far as transportation goes, we’ve never had a problem with that.


We like the moderates. If money gets tight values are great also. When we go during the holidays we stay at a value because we dont need all the little extras. Its to cool to use the pool or hang around outside.


I am by no means as experienced as some…BUT we stayed at POR last year for 7 days with two adults, and 16 year old and 9 year old and the baby (2) My 16 year old and my 9 year old took turns on the trundle bed. We found the room nice but very small…the building was quiet and we never had a problem getting buses. However, this year we decieded to get 2 adjoining rooms at POP instead of staying at a moderate with one room. The cost enede up being about the same but this way the kids have thier own room and bathroom!

I have the same concerns about the noise and bus service at POP that everyone has expressed…but I have read on this forum that we can request certain buildings that tend to be quieter than others.(?) We are renting a car to move us between resorts as guests do not pay for parking as long as they are staying on Disney property…so the bus service really does not come into play.

If anyone knows what buildings at POP are quieter I am sure they will let you know.


I haven’t stayed Moderate, but I have stayed Deluxe and Value (and HUGE off site villas!). If money is not the issue, I’d stay at a Mod or Deluxe in a heart beat.

That said, we stayed at POP for 10 days last year. We really loved it! DS was almost 6 at the time, and DD was 2 1/2. We unpacked and kept everything VERY organized. We had more than enough room for all of us! Even with a double stroller open at all times! :eek: Also note, we stayed ina 1 bedroom 800+ square foot villa the week preceeding our POP Century stay. :eek: And it was STILL fine. Trust me!

The POP food court was AWESOME! In my opinion, much better than the Quick Service places at the Deluxes! DH, DD and I ate at the GF while DS was on a Pirate Cruise and were REALLY disappointed in the breakfast selections. The game room was also REALLY small compared to POP’s game room. I expected more from a Deluxe resort!

If you’re trying to stretch your budget and go for longer, go Value. You’ll have a BLAST! We’re staying at AKL in November and although we are surprising our kids with the trip, I mentioned one day that the next trip we are staying in a Savannah View Room at AKL. DS got REALLY upset and said he wants POP Century!!! :eek: :laugh: Kids, I tell ya. :laugh:


I’ve stayed at POP about 4x and let me tell you . . . I’ve NEVER had a problem with noise! I stayed at POR and the people above us were early risers so 5am footsteps, toilets flushing, shower going . . . so I’m a true believer it’s all in the neighbors! :laugh: :laugh:

Also, I stayed at POR last July, and I was VERY disappointed in the state of the room, it needed a major overhaul! Most times I stay value, and recently all the value resorts have been redone . . . so freshly painted and new linens and new furniture . . . etc.

AND since the thinner wall, the one with the door, is the wall between the two you are sharing, I think you’ll be fine! (I say this cuz we always get adjoining with our friends, and I can only ever hear them and not the neighbors when the door is closed!)

I drive too . . . and POP is a great resort to stay at . . . it’s pretty close to it all, POR seemed further out to me? (I know as the “crow flies” it’s not, but the route was not as direct as POP!) :blush:


I totally agree!!! If you are going to spend the bulk of your time at the parks, then a value is fine. The rooms are a little cramped, but enough for your family of four to sleep, get ready, etc. Keep in mind, if you want to keep milk or other perishables in the room for the kiddos, you have to rent a small fridge for $10 per day.

You’ll need to do a little research on which one would work best for you. A lot of people like Pop because it is newer and had dedicated buses. When we did ASMusic in '05, one bus went to ASMusic and ASSports, but ASMovies had its own bus…not sure if that is still true. Your kids may help determine which one you stay at as well…if they would like the ASMovie theming for example.

Prezcatz Paul


We stayed @ CBR for our last trip & we were disappointed “overall” compared to the ASMovies. We certainly liked the extra features: coffee maker, fridge, larger space, but unfortunately the “cleanliness” of the room left ALOT to be desired. It was nothing that mousekeeking could have rectified either. There was water marks around the entrance & windows, the carpet looked like it was beyond even steam-cleaning to get it clean. It definitely needed replacing. The bathroom tiles were old & chipped in some places & it just felt like they stuck us in a room that needed to be totally redone! The walk to get to the foodcourt was long compared to what we were used to @ ASMo, & we were in a building that really wasn’t that far compared to others. I had to beg at check-in to get the building that we got ( it was in "Jamaica not too far from the bridge to get to the pool area). We heard EVERY THING in the rooms next to us. To our right, we had “8 week old baby” with almost hourly feedings during the night; to our left we had “snoring guy” who I think was trying to see if he could be louder than the fireworks we heard from Epcot! We loved the Disney feel @ ASMo, & while there are drawbacks to the smaller rooms, we never had a dirty room (as this was), and never had a noise problem. We are going back to ASm this fall, & I can only hope that we don’t end up with similar problems that we encountered @ CBR. I guess really it’s hit & miss.


I completely agree with the distance issue at CB. We stayed there a few years ago and not only was the walk horrible but the noise was as well. Our room wasn’t as nasty as yours but, we did hear everything that went on next door. The next year we went to POR and it was like a delux upgrade from what we had seen the year before. We’ve been loyal ever since.:wub: