Vanity plate


Do you have a Disney vanity plate? please share

I want to get a vanity plate when I renew this year. I have to get it in May so I thought I could hint to my husband and children for my mothers day gift.

This is what I came up with so far and is available.
WDW4US- (I have to use the minus sign because wdw4us is taken)

I really like WDWFANS but it’s taken

but I am open to other creative suggestions.
I really like WDW instead of Disney because WDW is my favorite Disney thing ever. I would also like to include family or in some way show that our family of four love wdw or disney.

Thanks in advance


I came up with another one. Our last name is Locke



Is a vanity plate for the car?


Dixie- yep! It’s also called a personalized license plate.


LUV4WDW gets my vote


Sorry, yes it is!


Thank you - that’s a new term I’ve learnt today!:happy:


When I had my truck, the plates started with a number, so my plate was…1 LV WDW. Disney people got it right away, but the uneducated always asked and thought it had something to do with a widow.


See if MOUSE1 is available…


Instead of WDW4US-, how about WDW4US4


Love this!


Hi! I have “DZNYMOM” . I had to use a Z because someone already has DSNYMOM , in fact I pass that car every now and then and I wonder if she is a fellow Mousebuzzer!


The DW’s plate reads HAPPEE
… I’m trying to buy mine to read GRUMPEE


[QUOTE=WALL;1103596]The DW’s plate reads HAPPEE
… I’m trying to buy mine to read GRUMPEE[/QUOTE]

Love this!! That’s great!


ok I need to pick my new plates I have to renew by the end of May!!!

I have it narrowed down to a few
LOX4WDW (our last name is Locke)


I like WDW4US


I like 4FORWDW and WDW4US ( I like them all but those two are my faves) let us know what you choose!


I like WDW4US


I finally did it! My plates should arrive in 2 weeks!!
Yay!!! so excited I will post pics when I get them


Can’t wait to see it, great choice!