Vday in the parks


Does anyone know what/if they do anything for Valentines Day in the parks?? I will be there in 2008 and want to know if I will get depressed lol


Do anything in regards to what? There isn’t a special celebration or anything if that is what you are referring to.


When I was at WDW in February 2006 I remember seeing merchandise (antenna balls, frames, etc.) for sale with a Valentine motif but I don’t recall any special events.


One very cool thing that normally happens on V-Day at the Studios is all the character couples will do sets in front of the Hat. Some characters you NEVER see, I.E. Milo Thatch and Kida from Atlantis, have been around on V-Day.


Great opportunity for people who are collecting character autographs or photos!


OOooh maybe Eric will make an apperance!!! I didn’t see him at all except in the parades!


That’s sounds cool. They should do alittle something for Valentine’s day. Not a big party or anything, maybe just a sweethearts parade or something.


I always thought they should do some sort of exclusive one day only valentines day parade with all the disney couples in it, and maybe deck out a few of the street corners/shops etc. It would be nice, not too OTT or tacky, just…sweet!