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Ok guys, I have the pics uploaded. So, I’ll start off the trip report like that until I can type up everything for you.


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Sept. 26 - Day 1

Leaving for Vegas! Yeah! We had a 12:40 flight out of JFK. Everything was packed and ready to go. We left at a good time. But then we hit traffic. We were already in Brooklyn, or Queens, I don’t know, but wherever Exit 11 is on the Van Wyck if I’m not mistaken, that’s where we hit traffic. And also traffic on the Verrazano.

So, we eventually get to JFK and it was going on noon. When we got to the counter, it was 12:15. There is a block on Rob’s name because there is a guy out there with the same name and birthday as Rob’s that’s wanted for a homicide. So, the woman was a bit grumpy to us that she had to go take this block off her name. I think it was because it was lunch time and she didn’t get to go on her lunch break. I’m not saying that she was a really big woman, but she looked very grumpy and it was noon. So, she took her time getting the block off and it was 12:30 when she finally got back to us. So, needless to say, we missed our flight. But, we were put on standby for the 1:40 flight that was a direct flight to Vegas.

After going through security, we had some lunch and patiently waited to get on the plane after everyone was boarded. There was room on the plane for us, yeah!, and we boarded. But, we didn’t sit together. We sat a row apart. Rob sat in front of me and I sat behind him.

To be continued…


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Ok, continuing on with TR:

During the flight, I did some homework and took a nap. Watched “Scrubs.” we landed in Vegas around 4:30 PM, Pacific Time. we rented a car from Payless. we got to the station, via shuttle bus, and got the car. the car that rob had booked wasn’t available so they upgraded us to a convertible. ooooooh. and we got a GPS to get around to Vegas, mostly to the convention center.

Side note, we went to Vegas for an EMS convention and for our anniversary. the convention consisted of us sitting through lectures on various topics and getting credit towards our certifications.

ok, back to the trip report:

after setting up the GPS, we went to Excalibur, the hotel we stayed at. When we got on Las Vegas Blvd, otherwise known as “The Strip”, rob told me to close my eyes and wait till the night to see the strip. once we got into the hotel, we were stopped by this woman who asked us if we were married. we said yeah, and she asked how long were we staying. we told her and she brought us over to a desk where this guy talked to us about this time share that the company, GrandView of Las Vegas, was advertising. If we went on their tour, they would give us these adventure passes at the Luxor, dinner vouchers for any restaurant in our hotel, they gave us V.I.P. passes for the Coyote Ugly in New York, New York just to take this tour. we said ok, and got the passes for Coyote Ugly, along with this cruise for two days, two nights.

we checked in and went up to our room to unpack. but when we got in the room, there was a faint smell of cigarette smoke in the air that was covered with some sort of air freshener. rob went to the desk to complain and they moved us to another room with a view of the strip. i wasn’t allowed to look out the window until we went outside.

so, after we unpacked, we had dinner at the sherwood forest cafe. after dinner, we went on the strip. it was beautiful. all the lights were soooooo pretty. we walked up the strip to the Bellagio and saw the water show there. it was awesome! i felt like i was in that ending scene of “Ocean’s 11” with George Clooney.

it started to get late and we had to get up early for our first session so we headed back to the hotel to call it a night.

more trip report to come…


I LOVED your pictures!!! It defiantely got me more excited for our trip in June!! Very cool! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Glad they changed your room b/c of the smokey smell, that would have stunk… literally :tongue:


Great photos!!

I love Las Vegas. The fountains at the Bellagio are spectacular, one of my favorite things on the Strip.

Looking forward to reading more!


I was wondering earlier when you returned! I love your photos–your camera takes great night shots! And I love the photo of the big kitty leaning on the glass, lol.


Link worked that time…great pictures.


Great pictures!!

I can’t wait for that to me my backyard!!!


Awesome TR so far. I also love the pics. I am as much of a Vegas freak as I am a WDW freak! I go there at least once a year and my family room is Vegas theme. Oh yeah, and I named my dog Vegas!

Can’t wait for more! I have never stayed at Excalibur and I am curious as to how you liked it.

Lisa :mickey:


Love the TR! Great pictures!


Day 2 - Sept. 27

We had an early morning. We had to be at the Las Vegas Convention center in time for our 9 AM sessions. For some reason, rob got a GPS for the car, even though we had directions printed out from Mapquest. so because he still had trouble working the GPS, we were a few minutes late to our first session. they didn’t mind though because the rooms are really big and they really didn’t notice people coming in late. all that mattered was that you scanned your ID card to get the CEU’s (continuted education units, they’re like college credits).

so we had a few sessions in the morning and then left to get some lunch. we went back to the hotel and i told rob i wanted to have lunch at New York New York, which is right next door to Excalibur. when we got to NYNY, we were stopped by another time share company, tahiti village. so, after 15 minutes of talking and signing up to take another tour, we had lunch at a Mexican place called Gonzalez y Gonzalez. I had my first ever burrito and it was really good. i was afraid to try a burrito for fear of what would happen to me in the bathroom, but i was glad that nothing happened of the sort.

instead of taking the car, we took the monorail back to the convention center. we bought two 10 trip tickets which in grand total costed $70. the monorail brought back some WDW memories though it was hard to keep disney in mind when the monorail was adversitizing we went back to the convention center for a few more sessions and then called it a day. a lot of the sessions varied on many topics. I took a session that was on women’s heart and heart disease and i took another session that was on how to tell the difference between heart related chest pain and non-heart related chest pain. these classes were very interesting to say the least.

after the sessions, we took the monorail back to the hotel to figure out where to go for dinner. rob wanted to go down to Fremont Street for the Fremont Street Experience. i had no idea what that was all about at the time. so, we picked a buffet at the Saraha, because it was the last stop on the monorail and there’s a bus at the Saraha that would take us to Fremont Street.

the first monorail stop is at the MGM Grand. while going through the MGM Grand, we came across the Lion Habitat. we naturally stopped there to see the lions. they were just so precious and so beautiful, especially the sleeping cubs. seeing them made me miss my jay and silent bob more. after the lion habitat, we came across the theatre that Lewis Black was playing at. we were glad we came across it so we wouldn’t get lost on Friday when we had tickets to see him.

when we took the bus to Fremont Street, we found out that it was the city bus with some very interesting people on the bus and a very dark neighborhood to drive through. when we got to Fremont Street, it was as lit up as the strip itself with the casino hotels and marquees advertising shows. we walked up and down Fremont St. just checking out what was available. we didn’t go into the shops or casinos. we had no interest in that. suddenly the lights went out and the massive TV screen above our heads turned on. it was snowy for a minute. i thought alien’s had landed :laugh: because of what the screen looked like. the screen is the length of 5 football fields and plays various images of people dancing, cars racing, etc. it plays for about 5 minutes or so.

after the show, we walked to the end of Fremont St. where there was a man playing a piano that was on a flatbed. He had this huge wine glass as his tip jar. the wine glass had to have been at least 3 feet tall with a 3 foot wide diameter.

we then realized we hadn’t found out where the bus stop was to go back to our hotel. so, we walked back to the spot where the city bus left us and found the double decker bus, or the deuce as it’s called, advertising “Deuce to South Strip.” i pointed it out that we’re on the south strip and that’s the bus to take. after paying $2 each to get on the bus, we were on our way. after people got off at different stops, we made our way upstairs to sit and enjoy the other end of the strip. we finally got to our hotel and called it a night because we had to get up earlier the next day.


Day 3 - Sept. 28th

my first session was at 8 AM and it was on Caring for Children with Special Needs. we were late again, this time not because of the car and GPS, but because rob was late getting ready. i didn’t miss much though when i got to the session. and i was bummed with the session because there was so much material to cover but so little time.

during my next sessions, 10 Things I Wasn’t Taught in EMT School, rob was sending me text messages about skipping the tahiti village tour. we had tickets to see one of the many cirque de soliel show’s for that night. we met after my session and talked about missing the tour, which would make us miss out on the show. i told him i didn’t have my heart set on seeing the mystere show so it was no loss. there were some classes that we both wanted to take that was at the same time as the tour we signed up for. so we decided to skip the tour.

after the morning classes, we broke for lunch. we had lunch at The Flamingo. it’s one of the stops on the monorail. we didn’t have breakfast so i was able to wipe out my lunch clean, which was penne pasta with garlic bread and we had an appetizer which i’m drawing a blank on right now. after lunch, i still wasn’t full! i could’ve done dessert, but it was time to go back to the convention center for more sessions.

when we got back to the convention center, we had time to check out the EMS exhibit, which had a lot of companies selling their products, such as ambulances, CPR equipment, etc. when time came, we left the exhibit and went to our sessions. we stayed until the last sessions we were interested in that ended at 5:45 PM.

when we got back to the hotel, we tried to figure out what to do for dinner and what to do for the night. i wanted to tour the Venetian hotel and then see the Sirens at Treasure Island show (if anyone saw that movie “Miss Congeniality 2”, the show is a pirate show which ends with a pirate ship sinking) i found a wolfgang puck place that was suitable for our, food wise, to eat and headed out to the Venetian.

we went over to Treasure Island first to try to see the 8:30 show. there was a crowd but there was no spot for me to stand to get pictures of the show. so, we figured we would go have dinner at the Venetian and then try the 10:00 show.

we had a very, very very very very hard time finding postrio, the restaurant, in the venetian because the hotel is the size of a NYC block!!! and to those who aren’t familiar with how big NYC blocks are, they are pretty darn big and long to say the least. it took us a half hour to find the restaurant. we found it upstairs after touring through the Grand Canal shoppes, which was very pretty and designed to look like you were in venice, along with a canal that had gondala’s and the ceiling was painted blue with clouds. after finding the restaurant and being told there was a 30 minute wait, we left and headed over to Treasure Island.

TI was advertising one of its buffets and we decided to go there for dinner instead. we were so tired and started to get hungry. it was about 9:30 PM when we got to the buffet. during dinner, we heard this very high pitch squeaking sound, like weezy from TS2. it echoed throughout the restaurant. we looked everywhere to find a kid when she finally appeared. when she got closer to our table, we saw that she had no toy in her hand. then we realized it was her shoes that were making the squeaking noise. it was cute at first but to hear her squeak around the whole restaurant got very annoying.

as we continued eating, i told rob that i wanted to go back to the hotel after dinner and go to bed. so, we took the monorail back to the hotel and called it a night.


Cool report so far! Bummer that you missed MYSTERE. I heard it’s WONDERFUL!! I only saw “O”, and loved it!!!

And I used to work in Manhattan and the AVENUES are REALLY REALLY LONG! The regular blocks (STREETS) are a piece of cake. :happy:


Day 4 - Sept. 29

2 Year Anniversary!!! i can’t believe that it has been 2 years already. time sure flies when you’re having fun.

we were scheduled to take the Grandview at Las Vegas tour for 9 AM. we missed that but were rescheduled for the 9:45 tour. we had no intentions of buying a time share. we just wanted to get the free goodies. tee-hee. :blush: during the presentation, it was brought to our attention how much money is spent going on vacation compared to how much would be spent using a time share. the numbers were staggering. after the presentation, our guide took us to the Grandview to show us the time share. it is beautiful! he showed us the two bedroom place that has kitchens, washer dryer units, pullout bed couches, tv’s with DVD players, etc. it’s just two apartments that can be separate or together.

when we got back to the main office, rob and i sat with our guide and talked about getting one. i wasn’t too keen on getting one right at that moment because i thought we couldn’t afford it. rob and i talked about it in private for a few minutes. then, the guide came back with a broker who gave us a much better deal compared to the other deal that was originally being offered. the first deal consisted of putting a down payment on the time share of over $3,000 and making monthly payments of over $500. the new deal he presented us was a down payment of $1,300 and making monthly payments of $188. after talking about it some more, we decided to go for it. yes, you are looking at new time share owners on the Strip!!! after 84 payments, the time share will be officially ours, with deed included. the company is RCI and with this company, we can go anywhere in the world!! to go anywhere in the country, it would only cost us $164 for the whole week!! a whole week!!! to go out of the country, it’s only going to be $199 for the whole week!!! we have an extra week next year to go wherever we want on the 4th of July!!! here is the website for RCI: .: RCI :. and this is the link to the place we now have: .: RCI :.

we finally left the office with all of the paper work and in shock that we had bought a time share. it wasn’t a shock of “oh my what did we do?” it was a shock of “we have a time share. oh my!” when we got back to our hotel, our guide took us back, we rested for a bit. we then got showered and dressed to have dinner at a nice restaurant in our hotel called The Steakhouse at Camelot. we had $50 food vouchers for this restaurant that was given to us for taking the tour of our time share. we had a nice romantic dinner. the waiter let me take the rose that was in the little vase on the table. we went back to the room for rob to change, he wore a suit, to get into comfortable clothes to go see Lewis Black. after he changed, we headed over to the MGM Grand and got to the theater in the nick of time to see Lewis.

a comedian named john bohman, i’m not sure if i’m spelling it right, opened for lewis. he was so funny. he made some political jokes but mostly made some jokes on lewis. when lewis came out, a guy from the audience shouted, “i love you lewis.” lewis stood there and went “why is it always the guys?” and then he went into his rant about it’s always the guys proclaiming their love for him. oh, lewis was the best!!! it was worth the money to see him. my face hurt from laughing so much. he made a lot of jokes on vegas and then made some political jokes. then he read some headlines that had to be shared, such as “Hippo Swallows Dwarf”. oh that was hysterical. here is the link to that story: Hippo eats dwarf on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

after the show, we went back to the hotel and called it a night. we were pretty tired from the day’s activities.


Day 5 - Sept. 30

Time to go home. :crying: we had scheduled massages at the Hooters Hotel and Casino only because they had early times compared to the spa at our hotel which only had the earliest time at 4PM, our flight was at 6:30 PM. i had my massage first. i had a swedish massage. rob had his massage at 12. the spa at Hooters is small. they had to give us our massages separately instead of at the same time, which is what we preferred.

after our massages, we had lunch at a place called “The Dam Restaurant” that’s in hooters. when lunch was over, we went back to our hotel to go to our baggage to get the adventure passes for the activities at the Luxor hotel, which is right next door to Excalibur. we got the passes for taking our time share tour as well. due to the limited time, we were able to see the king tut museum, which is a replica of what the tomb looks like in Egypt, and we went on this IMAX motionride, which was alright. i got a little queazy though. we couldn’t see an IMAX movie or this Pirates 4-D show because we didn’t have enough time. we had to leave to go to the airport.

we went to the airport and had to return the car first. after returning the car, we took the shuttle to the airport. we checked in and we got through security ok. our flight was at 6:30 and we were flying to Long Beach for our layover and then leaving Long Beach, CA at 9:45 to arrive at JFK at 5:55 AM sunday. during the layover, i read some homework while rob checked his email on his laptop. during the flight, i read some homework some more. jetblue passed out these bliss kits which included an eye mask to use to sleep, lip balm, lotion and ear plugs. i was able to sleep but couldn’t really stay in a deep sleep because i kept waking up due to strain i was putting on my neck. future note to self, get neck pillow for long flights.

we arrived at JFK at 5:45 AM, got on a shuttle that took us to baggage claim, got our bags at 6:30, got on the airtran to go to the parking lot, got in the car, and drove home. we got home close to 8 AM, which we simply just dropped the luggage in the dining room, i said hello and hugged my cats dearly, put on our pj’s and went to sleep. i got up later in the day to do laundry but then went back to sleep because i was still tired. i’m still adjusting back to eastern time instead of pacific. it’s taking me a while to do so.

well, that’s my TR to vegas. i hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed typing it.


AWESOME report. And CONGRATS on being a Timeshare owner! I hope you got a good deal!!! I belong to a timeshare forum where I learned A LOT about timeshare. Too bad I found that site AFTER I purchased THREE TIMESHARES! I could have saved THOUSANDS. I found a couple of weeks on EBAY. Not sure if it’s what you have, but check it out:

eBay - grandview las vegas, Timeshares for Sale, Lodging items on

You can also check out pricing on I just want to make sure you go the BEST deal you could possibly get! :happy:

I do have to say, you will NOT regret your decision to buy timeshare. I love owning it and will probably buy MORE as we get older!!!

BEST OF LUCK!!! BTW, when is your next vacation now that you have timeshare? Going back to Vegas or exchanging through RCI? :confused: