Vegetarian at the Royal Table


Hello. We will be taking my daughter to lunch at CRT. I am a vegetarian. The set menu they have listed seems to be all meat entrees with one veggie option- Pasta al Pomodoro - (Pasta tossed in fresh tomato sauce with garden vegetables.)
I am not a big fan of pasta - is there a chance they can whip me up something else- or maybe give me some veggie items from their other entree dishes on one plate?
I’d hate to pay all that money and sit there not eating! Just wondering how this would work
Thanks :slight_smile:


Being a vegetarian as well, I’ve always found the chefs at WDW restaurants very accomodating. Since you prefer not to have pasta I would recommend you phone the restaurant in advance and see if they will be willing to accomodate your dietary wishes. They may be able to prepare a nice salad or veggie platter.


First of all - Welcome to MouseBuzz!

My daughter’s a vegetarian. She likes pasta, but does get sick of it, as it seems to be the “vegetarian option” in a lot of restaurants. But - we’ve been in many restaurants and mentioned this and the servers have gone out of their way to find something she’d enjoy. So definitely mention it to them. I agree, that’s a heck of a lot of money to spend on a meal you won’t enjoy.


We had someone in our party a few years ago who was a veggie and they found the vegetarian options quite limited on the various menus within WDW but it is true that most Chef’s are VERY accomodating and as long as you politly ask them for an alternative they are usually more than helpful and will make you something to order.


You ga ve me some hope…Thanks guys!