Vegetarian in WDW?


I am new to this site and apologize if this has been addressed already, but I read through the Restaurant threads and didn’t find anything…

Does anyone have any information or recommendations for good dining in the parks or downtown disney for two avid WDW fans who do not eat meat (we both eat dairy products, just not animal meat)-

We visited last year and ended up eating at the Rainforest Cafe several times and this year we want to expand.

Thank you, and if this has already been discussed would someone kindly point the way to the answers?




Hi and welcome to DC!!! There are plenty of vegetarian options in WDW, you just need to do a little research before you go. I always go to and check over the menus, that way I know what restaurants will have what I need.
I’ve found most counter service restaurants have a vegetarian option as well.
it is actually very easy to follow a vegetarian lifestyle and eat very healthily while in WDW.


Welcome to DC. Please check out They have an entire section of menus and places to suggest for non eat meaters. ALmost every restaurant has some vegan options now. I don’t think it will be a problem for you. Again, welcome to DC. :heart:


Hi, Dana, welcome to DC!! :c)

Off the top of my head - Cosmic Rays has a Boca-type burger. (I am not a vegetarian, but I don’t like meat in most cases, so I often have to find vegetarian offerings) has a list of all the vegan/vegetarian options.

Here is the list from the parks, that will get you started - you can just click the dining option, though, on the allears site, and then over on the left hand side, under “special dietary needs” is a list of several links for vegeterains.

I Hope that helps!


Late as usual! Tinkerbelle and Dana have your back! :c)


Welcome to DC!

My daughter’s a veggie, and here are some of her favourites:

Columbia Harbour House (MK) - The Vegetarian Chili w. Hummus Sandwich and Broccoli Slaw (her absolute favourite)
Yakatori House (Japan - Epcot) - Udon Noodles and vegetables
La Patasserie Bakery (Frane - Epcot) Cheese Plate w. Fruit and Baguette

Almost all sit-down restaurants now have vegetarian selections. As Erin said, the veggie burgers at Cosmic Ray’s are good, too.


Welcome to DC! Nothing more to add…just a welcome note:)


I don’t know anything about vegetarian menus, but I just wanted to welcome you to DC. :flowers:

When are you going? You gotta share details here! :smile:


I’ve been a vegetarien for several years now and visited WDW quite a few times as a vegetarien. Some of my favorite vegetarien meals:

Lotus Blossum Cafe: the vegetable lo mein is very good
Chefs De France: vegerarien lasagna
San Angel Inn: they have my favorite dish here. It’s not on the regular menu, you have to ask for the vegetarien menu. The dish is a burrito along with rice, I absolutely love this dish. :biggrin:
Mama Melrose’s: Four cheese flatbread

Cosmic Ray’s. Rosie’s All-American Cafe, and Restaurantosaurus all have very yummy soy burgers.

All of the buffets I’ve been to have a good selection of vegetarien options.


Hi Wendy Bird,

I took a trip with some friends in 2003 and one of my friends is a vegan. She had no trouble finding stuff to eat, we always asked at every restaurant. The chefs at Boma and California Grill were particularly helpful. She had special plates made at both places and at Boma Chef Mike took her around and pointed out all the stuff already on the buffet that she could eat and then made her an enormous special plate in addition to that! He asked her all her favorite things and made her a totally yummy meal. It was very nice and the same price the rest of us paid for the buffet.

I would check out the links others have posted but also just ask the servers at each restaurant if it would be possible to get something veggie made for you. They seem to be pretty accommodating!