Veggie options?


My cousin (the vegetarian & non-mushroom eater) is with us this time, and I’m wondering what exactly they’ll whip up for her at Ohana’s for instance? Or Le Cellier? We’re on the DDP, & the rest of us want to make these ADR’s. She isn’t complaining, but I’m wondering if it would be dissapointing to her. Anyone have some first-hand experience?


No experience for the restaurants you named, but we traveled with a vegetarian (dined at Plaza Restaurant and 50s Prime Time), and they were very accomodating. You might want to make not when making ADRs that you will be with a vegetarian. I forgot to do so (oops!), but there was plenty for my vegetarian friend to choose from. The waitress at 50s was especially nice and took a good five minutes or so pointing out all of the vegetarian options and describing the dishes. She even mentioned some dishes that could be turned into vegetarian dishes and offered her a plate of just vegetarian sides.

LeCellier is a steakhouse, so it might be kind of difficult to find a vegetarian entree there, but I’m sure it’s doable. Be sure to mention it when making the ADRs and hopefully the CM can help you out.


Check out DVC Mike’s latest Trip Report. I believe his wife is a vegetarian and for the most part was pretty pleased with what they made up for her. Just make note on your ADR and remind them when you check in and when seated.


This is a good question for Llama. She has a daughter that she travels with frequently that is a vegetarian and they always have good tips! Hopefully she’ll check this thread.

I remember at Ohana’s the potato, salad, bread and beans were so fantastic that by the time the meat came I was full!


We ate at Le Cellier as vegetarian, non-mushroom eaters and had no problems. You may want to have it noted on your reservation but definitely inform them when you are seated that you have a dietary restrictions/vegetarian in your party. A chef will come to your table to work with your cousin on what she would like to eat. They are really great about it!

I would think the same would apply to Ohana’s. We have dined at Sci-Fi, Mama Melroses, Liberty Tree, 50’s Prime Time, CRT, Le Cellier, Coral Reef, Hoopr Dee Doo Review, Tusker House, Akershus, Nine Dragons, San Angel Inn, Tonys, Boma, Marrakesh, Rose and Crown and others with no problems.

The only restaurant we encountered a “problem” was at Chefs De France, the chef didn’t seem to know what the ingredients were in some of the dishes :huh:. Maybe a bad night?