Vera Bradley Disney Now online


I did a search and couldn’t find that this info has been posted…

Let the Christmas Shopping begin!!! :wub:

Vera Bradley | Disney Store

Although I feel like the items are priced a bit higher than their “regular” in store patterns…

I hope that they continue to add more items to the collection…


I wanted the pink one SO bad. I was determined to get it while at WDW in October. I saw it…and totally changed my mind. To this day, I am not sure if I was turned off by the pattern or the price tag:laugh:


They do seem more expensive than the ones I own…I’ll do some comparison shopping…so the pink is really REALLY pink in person? Hmmm


I just didn’t like it when I saw it up close. I didn’t like the black either and I don’t like the new blue/green…I guess it’s just not for me.


Two of my FAVORITE things…Disney + Vera…OMG!!!