Vero Beach Resort Questions


Hey everyone…I am looking for any info. about the Vero Beach Resort. What is it like? What are the restaurants, and what are they like? Prices in the restaurants? Activities? Thanks!!!


Here’s a link! Disney’s Vero Beach Resort | Disney Vacation Club | Vero Beach Florida

I’ve never been but I heard the beaches are beautiful!


thanks! I wonder if the pool snorkeling is set up so that you see things on the floor…


I have been because a friend actually has DVC and stayed there ( its about 45 minutes from me ) They have Shutters and Sonyas and I believe they also have a place by the pool to eat …I have eaten at Shutters * had lunch with my friend ) and it was so good … I had soup , and I had a steak quesidilla that was really very good …

The pool is really nice … and well the beach is awesome …


here is a picture I took of the main building from the pool area


thank you!!


Wow! So it’s as nice as they say huh? Another reason to buy DVC! :laugh:


yes it kinda reminded me of WL