Vero Beach


Does anyone have any tips for Vero Beach? We are staying there in early March. How are the restaurants?


Im curious also. We are tslking about tacking on a couple days to one of our trips


I promise that I will post some thoughts when I get back from my trip in March but I would love some thoughts from MBers in advance.


I have never been—but remember my mother used to go when she was young—she talked fondly about Vero Beach.


We were just there in December. It was fantastic. Very laid back but definitely Disney quality. We ate at Shutters and it was delicious. I’m sure Sonya’s is too, we just didn’t find the time to get there. We went hoping for a relaxing week and that’s exactly what we got. There isn’t a whole lot to do around the area. Their beach is great and the resort has activities to participate in. There’s a national wildlife refuge a few miles north of there that’s great for bird watching (we’re birders) or to just take in the scenery. We also went to Kennedy Space Center one day, as it’s about an hour away. I hope you have a great trip!


Thank you so much for the feedback. Did you need reservations for the Shutters or can you just walk in?



We just walked in. It was slow season and the resort was nowhere near full, though. If you’re going during a busier season (I assume spring break would be busy if that’s when you’re going) then I’d probably make a ressie just to be safe.