Very cool Podcast


I have just been enjoying this podcast, video and audio. What I have seen so far has been Hong Kong Disney and Tokyo DisneySea. There is an incredible water show there called BravisSEAmo. Check it out if you can!

Meandering Mouse and Meandering Mouse Club TV-(AUDIO and VIDEO) Disney Park Fun

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thanks for the link. I have just recently discovered the pleasures of Disney podcasts :blush:


LOL… “Meandering Mouse” that is too cute!

I wasn’t able to access the podcasts, however, but I really want to check them out!


There are a lot of really good Disney podcast out there. My three favorites are:

WDW Radio Show by Lou Mongello. Lou is the author of the WDW trivia books and he does a wonderful show with rumors, news, and great disney topics.

WDW Today- This a 20-30 minute show that comes out 3 times a week. The host are Matt Hochburg, Mike Scope, Mike Newell, and Len Testa. Len is the co-author of the Unoffical guide. They are very funny, and the show is full of inside jokes.

Magical Defintion Podcast- with Tim Devine and Nathan Rose. They do a great show also. Jim Hill is a frequent guest, and they discuss with is going on with the company, and around the parks. Tim Devine has a website called It has the best WDW photography on the web.

I met all of these host during Mousefest last year. All of them are great people, and do a wonderful job.


It was awesome to see BravisSEAmo at Tokyo DisneySea. Also I enjoyed hearing the Tokyo Disney Tikiroom.


Yes, yes, I know all 3 of those :happy:


I can’t access those videos, what am I doing wrong?


I love the Meandering Mouse! ^^