VERY excited 4 year old!


Tonight has been exciting, we just realized my 4 yo DD is tall enough to ride EE, and she is thrilled. She is the Evil Knievel of 4 year olds. Just for reference her favorite part of WDW is not princesses or Minnie, but Tower of Terror. She is a little action junkie!


Good luck! My daughter did it the first time at 5 and it is the ONE roller coaster she doesn’t like (the backwards part scares her) but she loves every other one.

Good luck!!


That is awesome. I know I am looking forward to when our kids are old enough for the rides we like. Though I will enjoy my DD who is now 2 seeing WDW again and seeing if things kind of click.
My 3 oldest are 42-47" so they can do some things. My 4 year old was very sad he could not ride the Splash mountain or BTM last year because he was just a little short.


My almost 7 year old is just now tall enough for EE!:laugh: (She, her sister and her brother are all shorties like their momma.) She is excited too about getting to try new rides on our upcoming trip. Last August she rode ToT for the first time, and it’s all she talks about now. When she was too little to ride ToT, I would wait with her outside the ride and she would “practice” screaming as the riders were screaming!:laugh:


Funny how different kids can be. Our oldest still refuses to go on ToT and many other “thrill” rides. But her little sister, now 21, was a thrill junkie out of the womb. And god help anyone on the road around her. She was the one pushing the 70 mph speed limit on the highway a week after getting her permit. Good luck with your action junkie.


Our two are the same way. While my 4 yo loves
anything fast, or dark, her 6 yo big brother has to be bribed to ride Splash mountain. And there aren’t enough Lego sets in Legoland to get him to ride TOT.


Sounds just like my youngest DS.


My DD6 has never had that problem!! Her favorite ride is TOT & last time we bribed her to go on RnR…she hated it cuz it goes upside down but she loved TOT & EE.


I’m so happy for you! I bet your DD will LOVE it!

My DS6 has always been afraid of the big rides! But this past trip, he really changed a lot! His new favorite ride is EE and Space Mountain! We are so happy he is finally getting over his fears! My DH and I love the thrill rides. He still has a hard time with Tower of Terror, and The Mummy (at Universal).


Awww, that is too cute! Haha, yeah! My niece (who is so tall and beautiful but a skinnnnny minnie) was tall enough when she was four and even this year. But we are all nervous to let her on it because she’s so skinny. I’d be having a heartattack the ENTIRE time! hhaa.