Very good article about WDW and expansion


Analysis: A Fifth Theme Park at Walt Disney World | The DIS Unplugged Disney Blog

Make sure to check out the document that the RCID filed that is in the article. Just click on it and it is a 53 page document about potential development.


Thanks for sharing. Good read, don’t have time to look over a 53 page document right now though.


Just thumbed through the document. Making my living in commercial real estate I found this totally interesting. The 2 items I picked up on were that of the 47 original acres only 9.3% of the acreage is devoted to entertainment (MK, EP, HS, AK, TL, BB, WWS). The DTD development is counted within the Hotel/Resort catagory of 12.3(?) acres. And if you read the final conclusion carefully there could be room to consider attempting a 5th park in just north of WWS, but other than that it would be expansion based on soils and water issues throughout the complex. Also, there are many, many, many acres right through the middle of the complex devoted to conservation. So any of the areas we might think another park could go are most likely out of the question. The land is already designated. Looks like expansion of existing parks is the way to go.


I vote for park expansion rather than a new park.:wub:



By summing it up you just saved me an hours worth of reading 53 pages :laugh::laugh::laugh:


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;1119967]THANK YOU!:wub:

By summing it up you just saved me an hours worth of reading 53 pages :laugh::laugh::laugh:[/QUOTE]

Anything to make the life of fellow military buzzer easier.:laugh:


Brainfreeze…What is WWS?


Wide World of Sports. Hope that helped ease the pain.:laugh: