Very Quick Trip Ahead - Hoping for Pixie Dust


Well, my wife has talked me into visiting her brother and his family while they are on vacation at WDW. They have a timeshare Condo off property and its 5 Bedroom so we are staying for FREE. We will leave after school on Friday and arrive about 7am Saturday…here is out JAMMED schedule.

Leave Friday before 5pm
Arrive around 7am
Eat at Cape May at 7:45am
Either walk around Boardwalk or got to Downtown Disney until about 1pm
Go to Condo to meet family
Supper at T-Rex

Magic Kingdom - ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT
Eat where ever time and $$$ will allow

Leave to come home around 9am to be home around 11pm

work and school

This is CRAZY!!! but my wife really misses her brother and his wife (his wife was her BEST FRIEND before we got married, they met bc of our wedding, and started their relationship at our wedding…my kids LOVE theirs) so she was about to make the trip to see them anyway for a weekend which is 4 hrs less than WDW for us but still a good ways away.

On the other hand, I HAVE NEVER been to a Disney park while school was in session and this Sunday at MK I hope to see lighter crowds than I am use to.

My kids are pumped…

Anything you guys can think of to squeeze in Saturday morning…?


Now how many different forums did this need to be posted? :pinch: