VERY random Buzzlightyear question


I remember when Buzzlightyear’s Space Ranger Spin first opened Zurg, as you were exiting the ride, the one behind bars used to have a sign on it asking that nobody goes behind the bars (in a nice humorous Disney way of course). I even remember a CM standing there at time as a reminder. I am also pretty sure I remember only REALLY tiny people, like kids, being able to squeeze between them once you did see someone do this.

My random question:
Did they change the “jail bars” to allow people to now photograph in them? I only ask this b/c in the past ehhh, maybe 2-3 years EVERYONE goes inside those bars to take a picture and there is no more sign, no CM, and adults can fit in them.

I know that was REALLY random but I was just curious. :happy:


Hmmm … not sure never noticed it or thought about it ! Good question !


Last time we were there, there was a line waiting to get inside the bars for a picture! LOL!


I don’t remember the sign, that’s interesting. I’ve never seen a CM there telling people to stay out so my DS always gets his picture with Zurg.

When did Buzz forst open?


I am pretty sure it opened in '98, but I don’t remember seeing people “allowed” to take pictures behind Zurg’s bars until after 2000. Who knows, maybe I am dreaming, but DH remembers this too. He said the only reason he remembered was b/c there was one CM there who wasn’t so pleasant and remembered her kinda snapping at a child who “went to go behind the bars.” Maybe it was that incident or maybe they were fixing them or something, thus the sign at the time, I have no idea. Just one of those little things that came to mind but I would be curious to know for sure.


We didn’t go between '98 and 2002 so that explains why i’ve never seen the sign. I’m glad they allow kids back there, it’s a great picture.


It IS SUCH a cute photo op, your Nathan’s picture in your TR TOTALLY reminded me of this!! I LOVED how “he couldn’t smile b/c he was in jail.” hehe, such a little realist! :heart: :wub: :happy:


That he is!


I got in there somehow!


That is so cute!!!


Back in May of 2005, Jack shared a cel with Zurg for a short time.


b, what year was that?


Are the bars flexible, or is that a door-type opening? Very cute pictures.


Neither…you just squeeze between them!


Always a picture op. :smile: 11/05


Oh, I’m such a drama queen.


OK, so does ANYONE remember NOT being able to go into these in the beginning?!?! haha.


That was just last December. There was no door to get in and the bars aren’t flexible–you just have to squeeze in.


Wow, R2G, you’re shorter than I’d pictured. :happy:


And no front teeth. :tongue: