Very "Un" Disney


Iam very disappointed with disney shopping online.
I made an order about a week ago with my debit card for $79.94. They made an “pre-auth” the next day which showed in my banking account as a “pending” transaction along with a $1.00 fee (i guess they do that initially to make sure the card is good?). Well the next day I get an email that the cheetah girls 2 karaoke cd is SOLD OUT and I will not be charged for it. I checked my banking account and the $79.94 is still “pending”. So I wait another day or so and I check my banking account again and again I see the $79.94 and the $1.00 charges still in my pending transactions along with ANOTHER charge from disney shopping for $69.95 which I conclude that this is my new charge w/o the CD that is unavailable. Fine. I wait a couple more days, the $69.95 has cleared and posted to my account but guess what? The $79.94 and $1.00 charges are still pending against my account! :glare: I thought ok … the $69.95 has gone through and cleared, why is this still pending??? Why haven’t they put the $$ back in my account??? And those who do not know me, Iam a single mom with every penny accounted for. And that $81 is not “available” for me to use because Disney has a hold on that money, meanwhile, I have a $1 in my pocket AND I have checks out for $30!!! Which I really should have $50 available in my account!!!
So after waiting for so many days for the $$ to get put back in my account, I call Disney shopping up this morning and explained the situation to them and they told me to just call my back and tell THEM (Commerce Bank) to take the hold off and put the $$ back in my account! :confused: I said “ok”, that’s all I need to do? And they say yes! So then I call my bank and the customer service agent informs me that since Disney shopping made the pre-authorization for the funds that they have to contact my bank and give a release to release my $$ back to me, which makes sense, as they explained, anyone can do that and get free stuff!!! They told me that the only time they can do that w/o their authorization is when there is a double charge for the same amount from the same vendor indicating an “error”. So I got all the information that was needed for the fax and I call Disney back!! … I tell you at first I enjoyed the hold music but after calling back a second time I was very annoyed! :glare: So I call Disney back and they told me again that all I needed to do was tell my bank to take the hold off the funds and I told them “no, that they needed to send a fax to release the funds” and I explained it all to the girl (who wasn’t very friendly) and kept putting me on hold :glare: and telling me “Iam sorry there is nothing I can do”, well that just made me madder but I kept my cool and was very nice about it and said “no, your not understanding my problem, there IS something you can do to help me” (like they cared???), after the 2nd time I said that, she put me on hold again and then came back and said they will send a message to their billing dept. for them to send the fax, I thanked them and we hung up.
Now, after the problem I had with them and being that I checked my bank acct this morning and I was already -$13.xx I made a mental note to myself to make sure I called Disney back to make sure somebody took care of this today!!! Because Disney wanted me to wait a few more business days for the hold to come off automatically, which woulda been Oct 2nd!!! :glare: (Oct 2nd from a purchase I made Sept 21st!!!) So I got pretty busy at work and called back around 4pm and when I got a customer service agent I requested the billing # for a matter they were helping me with and the CM informed me there is NO phone # for billing :confused: :glare: , I gave her my order # so she could look me up and told me that billing has not received the message yet and it normally takes 24 to 48hrs!!! :eek: :angry: I was very angry at this point and asked very nicely if there was any way I could contact billing directly and they told me NO and that they only correspond with each thru email! (ahem bs!), so I said thank you and hung up because I was a little busy at work and when I left work I called them back on my cell phone. I get another CM who told me the same thing the other CM told me an hour ago and very calmly I told her that the CM that I s/w this morning NEVER informed me that billing would not act on this message for 24-48hrs and that the purpose of this fax was so this problem could be corrected today so I wouldnt have to wait a few more days for the hold to drop off automatically… :angry: and all the CM said was “iam sorry but there is nothing I can do”, I finally asked for a supervisor and I sware they must be related because all she said was “Iam sorry but there is nothing I can do” or “Iam sorry that is not our policy”, I asked supervisor what else could be done to expedite this faster and if I can contact billing myself or if they could contact billing again to find out if this could be taken care of sooner and all I got was “Iam sorry but there is nothing I can do”, I told them that I was very disappointed that i was getting such horrible customer service and that I had a problem in the past too with disney shopping and this is very “un-disney” like as far as customer service and that I wanted to speak with someone higher in which she informed me that she was the head floor manager and there was nobody else, I asked her for the name of the CEO of the company or the president of the company and she kept telling me “Iam the head floor mgr here” and finally I was like “you can’t tell me the name of the person so I can write a letter to them?” And she said that she didnt know and was not allowed to give out that information!" So i finally said to just give me the address which she finally did! I said “thanks for nothing” and hung up! I can’t believe the POOR customer service they give out!!! So when I arrived home I called my bank customer service # and I spoke with a very nice person who said that this was ridiculous, it takes a few minutes to send a fax, why are they making such a big deal of it? So she tried to help me by doing a 3 way conference to Disney and they gave her the same shimola they gave me and disney told Commerce that the matter will be handled in about 24hrs and the cust svc agent asked disney if my $$ would be back in the 24hr period and they said yes ( i dont believe it!). So Commerce called me back and apologized for hanging up on me and said that if anything gets returned to call them tomorrow and they will reverse the charges. NOW THAT is customer service!!!
The CM’s at disney shopping online sounded like robots, very unsympathetic and unwilling to help you out as a customer!!! If they woulda just refunded me the $9.99 instead of charging me twice and making a big ordeal of releasing my other charge back to me all this nonsense woulda be unavoided and I woulda been a happy camper and my bank acct woulda been straight!!!
I dont remember what the problem I had with them 2yrs ago but Iam writing a letter to the company and letting them know how disappointed Iam with them!!! :angry:


Val, what a mess!! I am so sorry…I know exactly what it feels like to have every penny counted for, and have someone screw you up like that!

I find it extremely hard to believe that the bank could not remove this charge for you. I had Netflix double-charge me once, and the bank gladly removed the “hold” on my money…though the lady DID admonish me “this is why you don’t buy things online!” And I wanted to sock her in the face. :dry:

Definitely, DEFINITELY write the letter. I have actually written several letters lately, to companies with horrible customer service.

I have to give props to Virgin Mobile though. I was on the phone with them for 30+ minutes today, and not once did they treat me like anything was my fault, or even seem to lose patience with me. They resolved the problems that THEY had caused, apologized profusely, and coversed with me as if we were good friends! THAT is what customer service should be like when you call a company with a problem. :whistling


holy cow val ~ i’m sorry you’ve gone throught this.

I’ve been caught in a bank-merchant triangle before and it’s SO VERY frustrating!!

Definately write the letter!! Glad Commerce was able to help you out!!


I’ve been through that so many times…I have also worked for a very and guess what?? It is possible to call the bank and release the funds. It may take until the next billing day to clear but it is VERY possible. I am sorry you had to deal with such lazy people!


The bank could only take the hold off from me if the 2 amounts were the same indicating a double charge = error, i understand that cuz I coulda made 2 separate orders and claimed it was an error to get free merchandise!! I TOTALLY understand that, they are just protecting the merchant, no big deal, they needed something on company letter head from Disney shopping authorizing the bank to release the funds back to me. They also needed my name, order #, card #, Amount on hold $$, and date of hold and authorization to put the $$ back in my account with the CM’s signature and name printed.
I asked my bank if they could at least get a verbal from Disney ok’ing it, but they said they would try and persuade them to do the fax … I dont even know if Disney got all that info that is needed in the fax but whatever they send and whenever it better be good enough.

The cast members at Disney shopping sounded like unfeeling robots that could not care less about my problem and seemed put off by helping me. That is soo WRONG!!!


Oh yes, I realize that now…2 separate amounts would definitely signal an error!

I AGREE. That is WRONG on so many levels!! :angry: I would be very disappointed in them too.


This was very poor customer service on the side of Disney. Their people weren’t trained properly.
Of course technically they could have released that ‘hold’ on your money in seconds. I do it all the time here at my business. But in a large company, they need to check their paperwork to see if that’s what they should do. No matter, you were not served correctly, that hold should have come off the minute they charged you again for a slightly different amount.

Sorry you had to put up with that. I hope you’re feeling better now and the anxiety is gone.


Your post is way too long for me to read in my tired state, but it looks like your’re angry, so whatever it is, I hope things work out for you. :smile:


I guess I had very high expectations being that they were Disney cast members! I guess they are separate entities!!


Iam so very sorry! lol but I had alot to say and Iam very thorough (sp?) in all that I do! :blush:



What? That’s horrible!! :mad: How NOT magical those cast members are. :glare:

I hope you get all your money AND an explanation why everything took so long back soon!


Thanks Dopey!
I gave them a few days to take care of it. 1 Week is absolutely WRONG!!! I felt I should wait a few days before I make waves, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, now I wish I had called from Day 1!!!

The only good thing is that the package came today and my DD was ecstatic when she saw her Halloween costume - the white witch from Narnia!
I also got 2 things for myself!
what an Expensive order!!!


Sorry that they treated you so badly Val. That STINKS! I know at my bank (in the past) we couldn’t remove a pending transaction. Disney should not have given you a hard time about something that wasn’t your fault.


I’m still trying to figure out if Disney shopping online is Disney-operated or Children’s Palace operated.


they are. the disney store is owned and operated by the children’s place…


I’m not sure the Disney Store on line is CP operated. (Hence, my previous post.)


Chris, this is not the disney store, this is disney, it IS Disney owned. They put out the catalog and have a website where you can buy directly.


Cavey, the call center that I s/w last was in Utah.
The address they gave me to write to is actually printed on the back of their catalog, in Kansas!
And the shipment warehouse is in S.C.!!

is that confusing or what? lol


I’m still trying to figure out why the Disney Movie Club is based in the movie capital of the world–Wisconsin. :confused:


well that’s a good one!!! :confused: