Via napoli, mama melrose,tonys or tutto italia


we are going in September we want to try someplace different looking thru all of the restaurants and reviews im confused … of the three no four Italian restaurants which one do you feel is the best. we have never eaten at any… opinion please i have looked at menus they all look close to the same food. .


I recommend Via Napoli!


I’ve only eaten at Mama Melrose and we weren’t impressed. It was just ok. It was satisfactory for me and would suffice if we needed a meal inside HS but DH said he doesn’t really ever want to go back…that was one of his very few requests for our upcoming trip.

I think we’re giving Tony’s a try for this trip on the night we’re going to MVMCP.


I think we’re giving Tony’s a try for this trip on the night we’re going to MVMCP.[/QUOTE]

We are also going to give Tony’s a try this trip. We have never eaten at any of them before, but the kids say they want speg. and meatballs while we are there and picked Tony’s so we’ll see how it goes.


Via Napoli! Hands down!

to me, Tony’s is how I would imagine a restaurant would be if Chef-Boy-Ardee was in the kitchen. Kids probably like it because it’s very simplistic “Italian” food. Not very good at all and the noise level was unbearable.

we’ve never eaten at Mama Melrose’s. We tried to. We sat down and waited, and waited, and waited, and no one served us. Seriously. We just left.

Tutto Italia is probably the fanciest. And fairly good food, but the portions are huge! To the sickening point. And the tables are so close together. We also felt like we were being rushed out of there, so someone else could have the table.

We loved Via Napoli. The pizza was excellent, the service was good and the restuarant, while simple and contemporary, was lovely.


Tony’s gets a lot of hate, but in all my experiences at Tony’s (4 times to date) the service has always made Tony’s a place we enjoy eating. Now ofcourse, the food, much like Sci Fi Dine In isn’t spectacular (so if you aren’t on the dining plan I understand if you’d rather spend your money elsewhere). But again, the atmosphere is something we love, the location, the decor, the service. And also they always make our celebrations there very special. The wait time is usually not long at all after your ADR time. Which is nice!

As for Napoli, I haven’t had the chance to eat there yet. But I’ve heard it is much better than the other Italian Restaurant in EPCOT (Tutto Italia) which we ate at for my 15th (?) birthday (I think lol) and it wasn’t that good at all, food wise. It didn’t blow my taste buds away like I expected. But the waitress was lovely and paid so much attention to our kiddos so that was nice!

And for Mama Melrose, again I’ve not eaten there, but my friend worked there on the CP. It’s like Bertucci’s if any of you have them near you! More that style of Italian fare. The pizza is supposed to be really yummy. But they ALWAYS have a HUGE wait. And it’s kind of out of the way in the park, and sometimes hard to find. And their system tends to always mess up the ADR’s for some reason. My friend came home with a horror story everynight about angry guests. lol.


Either Via Napoli or Tutto Italia.
I’ll probably never return to Tony’s, the spaghetti was horrible! My meat was also cold and greasy.
Not sure about Mama’s.


We always eat at Tony’s because we love the dessert. The Pistachio Creme Brulee is AWESOME - and I really love the Tiramisu. The Entrées aren’t very good, but I’ve had worse. We truly just go for the dessert. My son and husband love the pasta too.
The Goode Life: Dessert
The Goode Life: TONY’S
The Goode Life: Tony’s

We tried Via Napoli - and we really liked it. The Fritto Misto is delicious (especially the Arancini (artichokes), and the pizza was best on property (not that it’s such a hard thing to accomplish) - IMHO.

We’ve had good and bad experiences at Tutto Italia - this past October it was AMAZING! But very pricey. One of my favorite meals at Disney ever - I had the Penne Caprese - and it was SOOOOO good.

Mama Melrose - We hate it. We’ve been a few times…and it’s gotten progressively worse. The service is terrible, they don’t like to make any sort of substitutions, the wait is very long (you wait for a table, then you wait to place your order, then you wait even longer to get your food, and then you wait for your check, and then you wait for it to be processed). This happened multiple times to us…not a one off. It’s a shame, because the atmosphere is very cozy and romantic. A bit noisy though. The food is pretty good too.

I hope you have a great experience where ever you choose, and I can’t wait to read a reveiw!!


We have eaten at all of them.

  1. Via Napoli is my favorite and have eaten there 4 times
  2. Tuttio Italia is good as well
  3. Mama Melrose eaten there three times it’s hit or miss
  4. Tony’s YUCK- canned spagetti


We love Mama Melrose :wub:
We don’t like Tonys :blow:
Never tried Tutto Italia
Last year Via Napoli was still under construction,but will try on our next trip.


We will try Via on our upcoming trip. But many here have had good things to say.
We do Moma when in HS. We can usually count on getting a table with a last minute call the day of in the AM. The food is typical quick Italian style. Not fancy at all. But a good meal for the price. And we can get a bottle of wine to share with dinner.
We will never do Tony’s again unless our kids have kids. To much noise, below average food.
Tutto was below average. The food was ok, nothing at all to write home about. The real killer for us is the price. It is WAY OVERPRICED for the foor quality and presentation.


Via Napoli…followed by Tutto Italia…Tonys…mama’s…the last 2 you can skip


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1071293]Either Via Napoli or Tutto Italia.
I’ll probably never return to Tony’s, the spaghetti was horrible! My meat was also cold and greasy.
Not sure about Mama’s.[/QUOTE]

I agree, Tony’s food OVERALL is horrible!

I suggest Via Napoli without a doubt…