Via Napoli or Tony's Town Square?


For lunch…which do you prefer? Via Napoli or Tony’s Town Square, and why??? I’m trying to decide which one we should go to for lunch on our first day in Disney!
Any advice please! Thanks! :wub:


Tony’s town square is just ok to me… I would try the new place in Italy, unless you have little ones that have to go to the MK first. (Or if you are like me, you have to go to the MK first:) ).


I really do love to go to MK my 1st day there, but I would also like to try Via Napoli. I have never tried either one (tonys or via napoli), so that is why I am so unsure.


Have you been to other places in the MK? I am just curious why you are just trying to choose the italian choices on the first day. Crystal palace for breakfast/lunch/ dinner? Castle?
And, will it feel like you are at Disney if you go to Epcot on the first day? If your habit is to go to the MK on the first day, as mine is, then just consider if it is worth it to make the switch. You have a tough choice for sure. Either way, you will have fun…


Also consider some of the resort hotels that are close to the MK if you are going there. They are not far for a quick get-away meal… Ohana is great, Kona Cafe is great, as I am sure that others are in the GF, and Contemporary (Chef Mickey’s?).

Just a thought…


We ate at Via Napoli on Oct. 24 and it was awesome! I recommend trying Via Napoli.


Hanwill…all the ones you mentioned we do have reservations for during the rest of the week. I am just looking for something different for lunch the first day.
And yes, all the ones you mentioned are yummy :wub:
I had a reservation for Tony’s, but now am wondering if we should do Via napoli instead, that is the reason it is between those two.


We love them both!! We always have to go to MK first day - so we usually do Tony’s for lunch. The entries at Tony’s aren’t that great, but we LOVE the desserts. The pistachio creme brule and the tiramisu are TO DIE FOR. We love Via Napoli’s spaghetti and meatballs. And the appitizer - misto fritto was FABULOUS!!!

You can’t go wrong!! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!


Gotcha! I think it comes down to which park you want to go to on the first day… Either way- you will be at Disney and having fun! (Read, I am so jealous…:)) Have a great time-either way.


Thanks!! I guess I will leave it up to the DH to decide, since I am so indecisive! haha :wub:


Ate at Via Napoli this afternoon for lunch. Had a pizza. It was good. Nothing exceptional, but I would go back.
Lots of families there. Very new, very nice inside.
Had an “individual” pizza which was 4 large slices. My wife and I were satisfied after eating it. $ 16 for the pizza. Glass of Chiani $6.
Nice lunch.
Haven’t done Tony’s in eons, so I can’t comment there.


I haven’t yet had the chance to eat at Via Napoli, but I’d eat there very quickly over Tony’s. I found Tony’s to be lackluster and their spaghetti and sauce left me flat.


I have yet to have Via Napoli, BUT I do love TTS. Even though the food is just average Italian food, the CM there always make it a special experience… ESPECIALLY if you are celebrating something! On my 16th bday dinner there I got a bday trading pin with tinkerbell on it! And on my parents surprise 30th anniversary dinner, they got a Mickey and Minnie bride and groom hats :] Its lovely at night when the fireworks are going off. Or during the day when the 3 o’clock parade is on!