Via Napoli outside pizza window closed


Had lunch today inside @ Via Napoli. Asked a CM if the outside pizza window was open and he informed me that it is “temporarily” closed.
I was told it was “seasonal” anyway, but I was surprised that it would close in summer?? Epcot seemed very crowded to me.
Why close it NOW???


ARE YOU SERIOUS??? AHHHH!!! I was seriously looking forward to grabbing a slice of pizza at that window in August! BUMMER!!!


We were by on Friday afternoon around 230pm and the window was closed.
Went inside Saturday for lunch and a CM gave me the info.
He’d been there 6 months so I figure he knows what he’s talking about.
He seemed a bit puzzled by the decision too.
By Augustvit may be open though. One never knows.


I really hope it’s open in August. I am now switched to the counter plan and was REALLY hoping on grabbing a good slice of pizza. WDW notoriously doesn’t do pizza well and I was seriosuly thinking this was going to be the magical slice.


Inside is thin crust, outside is thick crust.
CM wasn’t sure why the separation. But you can’t get thin,out etc.
Large pizza inside for 2-3 folks is $28.
Outside a slice is 4-5 bucks. Nice sized slices too.
Outside window always seemed busy. Not sure why it closed. ???


I was going to comment also that the inside is a classic thin crust pizza while the take away window only offers Sicilian style thick square pieces.