Via Napoli, Tutto Italia or Grand Floridian Cafe?


Hi, all! I have a last minute trip I just booked for Columbus Day weekend. We will only be there 2 nights, so I need some advice!

For our first night, I booked Les Chefs de France as our dinner, so we are set there. On our second night, I booked Grand Floridian Cafe to be close to MK. We will be going into MK late that day, since EMH are until 2am! Main Street Electrical Parade is at 9 and Wishes is at 10.

When I called my husband to ask what he thought, he said “What about Italy?” He doesn’t care where we eat, but now I’m wondering…should I just book dinner in Italy and then we can go to MK later? And I saw another thread about Via Napoli that really got me thinking that MAYBE we should try this place.

Has anyone eaten in Italy AND GF Cafe and can give me opinions on which is a better meal and why?

THANKS SO MUCH!!! :happy:


GF- Eaten there. Great menu, relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Tutto- Never again. If you expect real NY style Italian food Fazolis fast food Italian is better than our last trip to Tutto.

Via Napoli- Have not been in the World since it opened. If it is anything like the little mom and pop restaurants in Naples, Italy I cannot wait to try it on our next trip.


Tutto Italia was AWFUL when we went there last year! It was my birthday meal and was by far the worst dinner we had! I have heard good pre-lim reviews of Via Napoli, and I am looking forward to trying it in October!

Never eaten at Grand Floridian, but in my opinion, anything would be better than Tutto!


Via Napoli on Columbus day? hmmm book it now. any self respecting italian american isn’t going to leave the park to go to OLIVE GARDEN now are they? fugetaboutit!


Hi Kim!! Missed ya! :tongue:

Sandy and i did Tutto last year and :blow: …you get the picture. We’re trying to secure a a spot for September in Via Napoli to try one of those awesome pizzas.


[QUOTE=bosoxx65;1047320]Hi Kim!! Missed ya! :tongue:

Sandy and i did Tutto last year and :blow: …you get the picture. We’re trying to secure a a spot for September in Via Napoli to try one of those awesome pizzas.[/QUOTE]
Thanks, Keith! I know it’s been a while. Very busy at work! :happy:

OK, so I am completely eliminating Tutto from my list. :tongue: Now wondering if I should keep GF Cafe or replace with Via Napoli. Decisions, decisions…:wacko:.


We also tried Tutto…:noo: Way too expensive for the food you get. I liked the old version of the restaurant.


If you are going to be at the MK, I would go the GF Cafe. We ate there on Thanksgiving day a few years ago and really liked it. It’s pretty, and relaxing and the menu looks really good. I think it would be nice to hop on the monorail from MK go to dinner at the GF and go back to MK if you want.


I think the pizza at Via Napoli REALLY looks like real Italian pizza. I saw a video on You Tube and yep, i’m trying this one definitely!


I would give Via Napoli a try. While it does not live up to the quality & taste of the pizza I had in Napoli, Italia, I must say that the pizza is STILL very good. Not the best, but very good. And the Arancini was fantastico! Here is a picture of a pie we sampled a few weeks ago


Oh yeah, and if you like sangria, it was very good and reasonably priced!

BUT, if you’re going to be at EPCOT over the weekend, you do know that the Food & Wine Festival will be going on right?


I missed this thread when it first went up and seeing as it’s now Columbus Day weekend, my thoughts are a little late.
But here goes. I’ve eaten at Tutto Italia many times and enjoyed it every time. It isn’t American style Italian. I think it’s a more northern menu.
You could save this for another trip or get experimental, especially if you’re on the dining plan because it offers big bang for the buck, or rather, you’ll get a $37 dinner for $25.
Via Napoli is an unknown as is Grand Floridian Cafe, although I did consider GF Cafe but lucked into Crystal Palace for dinner.
So, I think all would be a good choice depending on what you can get at what time and how well it fits with your other plans.


We ate at GFC and loved it (the muscle appetizer was awesome!). We also ate at Via Napoli and besides the decore, we thought it was mediocre. My food was just blah and the service was slow & she had no personality. Plus she slammed our glasses on the table.


Try the pizza senso oilo. (no oil) You will find it alot better. For some reason us American want oil on our pizza. Since we have come back from Italy we haven’t found any pizza to our taste.


Of the three we have only tried Via Napoli. We enjoyed it very much! The pizza was very good and very close to authentic Neapolitan pizza. Very reasonably priced (and the waiters aren’t bad either!) Plus, it’s so huge there doesn’t seem to be much of an issue about getting in.


Of the three, I’ve only had Tutto. I’ve found it to be outstanding. Yeah, it’s expensive, but if you’re on the dining plan, it’s great. The pasta dishes are very good and the deserts are outstanding.


So, it’s columbus day. Which did you choose???


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If you’re thinking Italian, how about Il Mulino’s? Granted, it’s no where near MK, but we enjoy it.
Ate at Narcoossee’s last week and LOVED it.
Ate at Artist Point last week and LOVED it.
Both of the above are near MK… relatively… I guess <g>
Ate at the GF Cafe many times for lunch, never dinner and enjoyed it. Would definitely do it again.


LOL!!! I guess I will wait until she gets home then! :happy: