Victoria and Alberts Dining Plan?


I am still working on dining reservations for our first December trip. The other day I noticed that Victoria and Alberts does list on the Disney site that they take the dining plan.

When did this start? I haven’t heard anything about that. I think I might now have to make a reservation.


I think it is only if you have the Platinum Plan…


Looks like that’s only if you’re on the Platinum Plan.


Yes, V&A is only available to top tier vacation plan guests and has always been so, going back to the days of the Grand Plan.

On the top two tier plans, Fulton’s and Portobello Yacht Club are also available.

Too bad that before 2005 when they rolled out the current vacation plans, Fulton’s, Portobello, HoB, Wolfgang Puck Upstairs, and Bongo’s all participated (and the tip and appetizer were included:angry:)


So, it’s a no go on the Deluxe Dining Plan?


Not deluxe dining plan. Must be Platinum Vacation Plan which is an all inclusive package with upgraded dining, unlimited recreation and tours, Cirque tickets, and a few other things.


Thanks guys! We have reservations at California Grill and that is perfection enough. I was just shocked to see it on the Disney site. Maybe for our next anniversary we will “go platinum”, though I doubt I could ever justify it.


I can’t see how anyone could use all the perks with that package and still go to the parks…lol I think you pay for more than you could possibly want to do and therefore it may be a tiny bit of a rip off…no offense Disney. If I had so much money that I didn’t care, I ma be temtped to do it though…:flowers:


You can spend plenty of time in parks and still use your plan benefits to the max.
Of course this means that you’re up at dawn and don’t go to bed until very late.
It also means you’re taking tours every day, taking out boats for an hour, parasailing, golfing, and horseback riding.

I have done the top tier plans and I have always gotten more out of it than I’ve spent. Then again, I haven’t done a top tier plan since 2004 because it is very exhausting. Plus there’s this mortgage on a house I bought in 2005 as real estate prices were peaking (and now the house is worth about 60% what I paid for it:angry::nuke::nonono2:).


I agree, Dana. How could this work if you wanted to do any thorough park touring?

It seems to me that it’s best suited for a relaxing resort-type vacation where you don’t really care about rope-drop (because you’ll be too busy eating your huge breakfast to get there) or even seeing a lot of the parks, you only want to see a few specific attractions, and you want to have it all paid for ahead of time.


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