Victoria and Albert's


Hi All

My wife and I will be spending our 10th Ann. at Victoria and Albert’s.
Tell us about your dining experiance there (good or bad).



I’ve never been there but it’s Victoria and Albert’s not Elbert’s.


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This is a wonderful thread about food and it includes Victoria & Albert’s

Personally we have never been there. Kids were to little. But that place has never had anything but good reviews


I understand that Victoria & Albert’s has a chef’s table in the back, which might be a very fun option, if you are foodies…


We have eaten here several times. They have all been most excellent. This is a treat for which we save and look anticipate.

You sit in a very intimate dining room with a live harpist playing in the background. The staff makes you believe you are the only people in the room. They are very attentive, anticipating your needs.

We have always had the wine pairing. Being a beer guy, this was a grand experience. The choices are made to compliment that meal you have chosen.

I highly recommend this. As we plan our vacation for 12/08, one thing is already certain, Den and I will spend one evening there - alone.


We dined there a few years ago for our anniversary. It was very nice. Tim loved it as he likes fine dining and getting dressed up. He also did the wine pairings and raved about it. Me, I don’t drink at all, so I could not tell you. If you think you want to do this, make your reservations early, as seating is very limited.


I haven’t been yet but I have reservations there for our one year anniversary in Oct! I’m so excited! I’ve heard nothing but the absolute best about it. The Chef’s Table sounds amazing but it’s not private. It seats 8 or 10 I think and if there are only 2 in your party, you’ll be sitting with 6 strangers.


The Chef’s Table also features a more extensive menu (which is to say more courses, and some items that may not be on the “regular” menu) which you can request when you make your reservations, even if you don’t want to be seated at the actual Chef’s Table.

I would offer three suggestions:

  1. Get the wine parings. It’s well worth it.
  2. Bring a healthy appetite. This is not a meal to have when you’re “not that hungry” – it’s an event.
  3. Don’t eat too much of the bread. It’s excellent, but you don’t want to fill up too soon.

V&A’s offers the absolute best in Disney dining, and the food has never been anything less than superb. If you have the chance, go.


I only have one CS meal planned the day we’re doing this and it’ll be early in the day since we won’t have breakfast. :slight_smile:


Tara, You must to a trip report and let us know what you think of this experience.


with food pics!!!:ph34r: :ph34r: please??:blush:


I’ve ALWAYS wanted to eat there - but the truth is Neil does not drink alcohol at all and although I love good wine - two glasses and I’m done! Literally. So I always wonder how enjoyable it would be without the wine.


You’d still love it.

Don’t get me wrong, the pairings add a wonderful dimension to the meal, but it’s still all about the food. You could drink nothing but water and still enjoy one of the best meals of your life. :wub:


I argree with the “Boss” we have been there twice and
everything is done with great class and the food is excellent!
Have the coffee with your deserts.


I’d love to do the pairings - but one has to recognize one’s limitations, doesn’t one?:laugh: I should be a wine tester - just swish it around and spit it out.

Maybe we’ll try it next trip. I’d love the experience and the food - and if they have good coffee, that’s enough for Neil.


Llama, the first time we went we did not do the pairing. And as Vm says - it was very enjoyable. I mean - we went back, despite the cost, right?


They serve Celebes coffee with dessert, and it’s delicious.


I promise I’ll report back with food pics! :slight_smile: I agree that if you don’t drink normally, you won’t miss the wine pairings with the food. It really is all about the food, isn’t it? :wink:


OK - one of Neil’s favs. When he gave up alcohol he became a coffee snob:laugh: - we’ll have to give it a go next trip.


I so want to try V & A’s !!! Can’t wait to hear what you think upon your return.