Video Editing Program Sugggestions?


I would like to put together a video of our trip this year. Does anyone know of a pc based video editing software that is user friendly for a beginner?

Someone suggested Final Cut Pro X, but that is Mac based.

I would love to start making these kind of videos for our trips as well as the kids sports, if I can find a good program.



I use a program called Sony Vegas Pro. I tried several of the less expensive programs and was constantly frustrated. Vegas is not easy to learn and was a bit pricey for a home setup, but it is full featured and has a great web site to support you.

Here is a link that compares a lot of the programs out there.

Video Editing - Products

Hope this helps,


Thanks Harry.


I’m up to Vegas Pro 11 and have been using Vegas since Vegas Video 3.
One thing to keep in mind, you need a really powerful computer to edit video.
Also, at this time, because the 64 bit versions of Vista and Win7 allow far more than 4 gig of RAM, if you’re really going to edit, it would be advisable to upgrade your operating system to Win7 64 bit. When it comes time to render, you’re going to need as much memory as you can get.
Plus, HD video requires MORE horsepower than standard definition video.

The other popular video editors are Adobe Premier and Premier Elements.
Premier, like Vegas Pro, are full professional programs and cost accordingly. Elements is a lite version similar to Adobe’s Photoshop Elements.
IF you’re on a Mac, Mackies usually head for Final Cut Pro.


I love Adobe Premiere Pro. I have never used Vegas but have heard good things about it. As Soundgod said, you will want a good computer. The more ram the better and 64 bit is a must.


I have Sony Vegas Pro. Honestly, I don’t find it that much better than Windows Movie Maker… and if you don’t have a fast computer with a good bit of storage, the program will really slow your computer down.

You can actually make a really good-looking video using Windows Movie Maker. It’s free for computers with Windows. If you don’t already have it on your computer, you can download it off of the Windows website. I would suggest getting a handle on Movie Maker before buying anything snazzy. There are a lot of good tutorials online. It will be a lot easier on your computer, as well.


I have used Windows Movie Maker and it works just find for my needs.


Love Windows Movie Maker too. And I quite like the Imovie that is inbuilt into the Mac- some nice professional looking results and fairly simple to use.


Thanks everyone. I will check all these out.