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Hi there,

For those of you who make movies with your vacation video, is there a software you would recommend?


If you have a mac, iMovie is pretty user-friendly - it’s mostly drag-and-drop to get everything where you want it. My friend recommended Final Cut to me, but I think it’s really pricey and is meant more for professional video editing. Before I got a mac, I used Adobe Premiere Elements (it came bundled with Photoshop) and that worked fine too.

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Two years ago, I thought I needed a newer video editing software… something high-tech. So I went out and bought Sony Vegas Studio.

That was the biggest waste of money. It does the same thing that Windows Movie Maker does, but it was slower.


Don’t get Adobe elements 8. It goes down all the time so you have to save every 2 seconds or you lose everything. It is also alot of work to learn if you have never used Adobe elements before.


[QUOTE=jen9804;1034952]Hi there,

For those of you who make movies with your vacation video, is there a software you would recommend?[/QUOTE]

If it is just for your vacation videos I would suggest Movie Maker if you are on Windows or iMove HD if you are using a Mac. Both are highly integrated into their respective OS giving you easy access to other media stored on the computer (on a Mac that would be iTunes, iPhotos, etc)

Now if your vacation is the next Avatar I would suggest Final Cut Pro.


I’ve always used iMovie too. I’m not really great at editing but iMovie makes it pretty simple. However, this is a mac program so this may not be helpful at all to you! :blush:


I purchased Sony Vegas because, at the time, it was one of the only software packages that would work with the file format that my video camera recorded in (when looking for a software make sure that it works with the file format your camera records in). My Sony camcorder records in AVCHD. Windows Movie Maker for XP does not support this file format. Windows Live Movie Maker in Windows 7 does support this format.

Sony Vegas is easy to work with and like MissMagic said, similar to Windows Video Maker. I had to spend the money just because of the video format. I use this software for my editing and am happy with it.

I also received Adobe Elements for free with the purchase of Photoshop. Everytime I tried to pull in a large file it would lock up and have to do a ctrl+alt+delete and kill the program. When I could get a file in it was not user friendly. I couldn’t figure out the transitions or the sound. I gave up on it.

Long story short. If I could have used the free product from Microsoft I would have just used Movie Maker. Instead I had to purchase Sony Vegas just for the file format. It works for what we do. I usually just make videos for my kids by adding home videos, pictures, and music which the watch in the car, not anything special. Sony Vegas cost me $100 at the time.


I make alot of DVD’s and always use Windows Movie maker followed by DVD maker. Always been pleased with mine so far.


Thanks so much for the input. I am going to try Windows Movie Maker and save the money! I appreciate all the help!