Video of Everest Ride


A friend of mine taped a ride on Everest through the eyes of a bobble head named Big Boy. I have no clue how they managed to video without dropping the camera.

MySpaceTV: BigBoy’s First Roller Coaster Ride by Big Boy World Traveler


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: very creative!


Funny! I love that little big boy :wub:


Ha!! Brilliant!! Big boy has been to more places than me :huh:


The next upcoming star.


Did you see poor,little Big Boy? He was shaking in his shoes!!:laugh:


thank you so much for posting that video link. i haven’t been to disney world since EE has opened (my last visit was oct 2004). i’ve asked about EE, but you don’t really know until you see!! :laugh: now if i could only see jack sparrow in POTC, sigh :rolleyes:


My daughter was happy to see the video since she closed her eyes through most of the ride when we went in July.


now that was cool


check this out floridaorange19:pirate: !

YouTube - Pirates of The Caribbean Ride


The Pirates video was so cool. Then again anything with Johnny Depp is!


I have always wondered how in the world you hold onto anything except the bars? I hold on for dear life with both hands, and less is just askin for it… But I am glad to see someone throw caution to the wind…


:laugh: Loved Big Boy’s view.


Very exciting!!! I haven’t been since EE opened…what a great preview.