Video of "the big reveal"


I just accessed photobucket from here so here is the video of our Big Reveal!

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I Love It Your Son Almost Made Me Cry, What A Wonderful Surprise!!! I Can T Believe He Got On The Bus. Hope You Are Haveing Fun


OMG, that is hilarious!!! Your DS adimant about getting on the school bus was cracking me up! Good job, woohoo. Great surprise to get on video!


OMG!!! I have chills…DONT GET ON THE DARN BUS!!! :laugh: That was too funny!!! When your son was crying so was I!!! that was sooo cool. I wish I saved mine for a surprise but my kids would have probally showed no emotion early in the am and I would have been mad


That was too cute! What a great suprise to have as a kid. They will remember that forever.


OH MY GOD… I am sitting here crying…


Hillarious - I was so afraid that the kids would get on the bus and you’d have to leave them at home :laugh:


I’m glad I’m not the only dork sitting here crying.

That was great woohoo!


I had to watch it again… :crying: :crying: :crying:



Darn kids . . . WHY don’t they ever listen . . . I was SURE that bus was going to pull away with him on it!!!

What a great surprise . . . how did you sleep the night before . . . I would have been BUSTING at the seams . . . yikes!!! :blink:

Thanks so much for sharing! :heart:


Not only am I crying, but so is my big guy husband. We had to watch it twice. You did it mom and dad, good job. The kids will never forget that day. I wonder what the kids on the bus were thinking. Was the bus driver in on it?
Have fun “Dorkman family”.


Me, too! That was really a cool way to surprise them!


Nope, this dork is sitting here crying too.

Woohoo, you are one awesome Mom!


AHHHH Man!!! I will happily admit to crying!!!:crying: :crying: That was just soooo sweet!!

Classic trying to get on the bus!!! How funny!!


Priceless:crying: Add me to the list of DORKS who are crying.

That was just wonderful!!! They will NEVER forget that!


Crying here too. Your DS was so sweet. Did the bus driver have any idea what was going on?

Hope your having a wonderful time.


Great suprise. Your son really did want to get on the bus. But you got him.


:eek: Don’t get on the bus!!! :eek:

That was great!




I can’t stop laughing really loud OR crying!!!

At first it was just so flippin’ funny because I was SO sure they were going to get on the bus and this was going to be a video of you and your husband chasing them down to do the big reveal.

but, then your son was ticked that he COULDN’T get on the bus and that made it even FUNNIER.

But, then he starts crying!! You can tell him that everyone starts crying with him at that point! And your little baby doing that laugh after you said “is that a good idea?” - made me cry even more!

That was a great video. Priceless.

It’s possibly the best home movie I’ve ever watched. Hahahhaha, so funny and emotional!

You and your husband are the absolute coolest - that was ALOT of effort for a reveal!


and the bus driver thinks you smoke crack!