Videos for Miss Disney


Dear Miss Disney, you asked for interesting Disney videos - here’s one for you from DLP

YouTube - Phantom Manor - Frontierland - Disneyland Resort Paris DLRP

and another

YouTube - Disneyland Resort Paris - June 2007 (Pt 2)


Oh man… the links dont work for me.:mad:


Aaaaahhh… thanks Iris! IN fact, this is the first time I have ever seen video from DLRP!!! The HM looks so Psycho-ish, doesn’t it?


Cool… they work now!


They have really pretty brides in Paris, non?


Mais oui!!:happy:


I was thinking that too. Bates Motel for sure. I love it though, it fits right into their Frontier Land, dontcha think?


show off :tongue:


Thanks Dopey. I like how empty the park was in the first one!


Hey Miss roxie, good to see ya.


Right back at ya!! :wub:


Hey yeah, AE! It really IS nice to see you!

Check this out… this guy filmed the DLRP Indiana Jones ride looking out the back of the car!

YouTube - Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland Paris backwards


cool :cool:

How about this one

YouTube - DISNEY Imagineer-Secrets of Haunted Mansion with Tony Baxter


Ok how about this one of the Lion King Parade - behind the scenes.
I never did see this parade :crying:

YouTube - Walt Disney World - The Lion King Parade - Behind the Scenes


These people just have cool jobs. That’s all there is to it. Cool jobs.