Vidoe cassette and airport


Does anyone know if the x-ray machines will hurt video cassettes for camcorders? My camera takes the small cassettes. I think they are digital 8 or high 8. Don’t remember exactly.


They say no. But I had a VHS tape erased once. I’d have them hand inspect it just to be on the safe side.


As far as I know nothing should happen, but I would take them out and hand them to TSA.


We have the same tapes (Hi-8). Never had a problem, knock on wood.


We’ve sent our hi-8 through a couple of times and have not had a problem. But keep it with your carry-on’s, not checked luggage. I think the X-ray machines they use for checked luggage are stronger.


Next question. My DH is taking his camera bag (big bag) as his carry-on. In this bag we will have Video camera, small digital camera, two camera bodies for my DH’s SLR camera, lenses for SLR camera, a small 35 mm camera and all the chargers. Sounds like a lot I know buy my DH does photography on the side and this is what he will want to take. I wish we could just take the video and my digital camera. Are we going to have to take all of that out of the bag when we go through security?


You can either leave it in the bag & put it on the belt to go through X-ray, or ask for it to be hand checked. If you ask for the hand checking, they will take everything out. They take off lens covers to look through the cameras and will open every canister of 35 mm film. It can take awhile.


We were going to take the film (800 speed) out of the canisters and put them all in a clear ziplock bag to hopefully speed up the process. I think the security people will end up hating us. At least we won’t have the film coming back home because we are going to mail them straight to the lab from Disney to be developed.


Oh boy. You may end up with a cavity search.


I have been reading elsewhere that airports are not always wanting to do hand inspections. We will have to have our film hand inspected (800 speed - I know we could lose lower speed but DH insist on that and he is the photographer so I can’t argue and win). Anyone been having any problems getting something hand inspected?

Can you buy 400 speed at Disney?


I can sympathize with your husband. I’ve gotten some great character shots at the character-meet locations, standing many feet back, with a zoom lens on my SLR. I’ve also experienced the frustration of missing the “perfect” shot because I didn’t have the exact “right” lens in my bag that day.

BTW, reading your post got me excited about taking my Nikon Digital SLR for the first time on our next trip.

Anyhoo, I seem to recall seeing in either travel or photography catalogs or websites special bags that are supposed to protect film from x-ray machines. I don’t know how or if they work, I’ve never used them and never had a problem. You might want to look into that as it might allow you to place the bag on the belt and through the machine instead of the hand inspection.


Update to all my above posts. My DH just ordered a new digital SLR camera today!!! It is under protest because he loves his old camera but now we won’t have to worry about all the darn 800 speed film and airport security. Now I just have to worry about him not breaking or loosing his new camera at Disney. It was a lot of money but in the long run I think…hope he will enjoy it.


I travel quite often and take alot of camera equipment (all digital). I’ve sent them through on the belt no problem. The TSA is used to professional photographers and camera people carrying equipment on the planes. So far they’ve been really helpful with me. To give you another opinion, I have a photographer friend who shoots all film and they always insist on having a hand inspection by the TSA. The TSA will do either (obviously they’d prefer the x-ray) but if you have any worries you can request and they will honor a hand inspection.

Whatever you do, do not send film through the check-in. Those X-rays are MUCH stronger and will damage the film (particularly the unexposed film).