View of the Parking Lot



My last stay at ASMovies I really lucked out and got a great first floor room that practically opened up to the pool, it was great.

I did however notice that some of the rooms in certain parts of the AS-Movie-Music-Sports had a view of the parking lot. Has anyone stayed in any of these rooms? Is the view really bad?

Also please let me know of any really bad view rooms in moderate resorts. I know they try there hard to best accomadate everybody. I was just wondering if maybe this is something they strive for harder at the moderate or deluxe resorts.

I have never stayed at a moderate resort in disney and would be disapointed if I got stuck in a room that opened up to a crummy view.


We had a Very Bad View room at POR, it was all they had with a King Bed the day we checked in. HOWEVER, the next day we were able to move, and they were very nice and accomodating.


Some rooms overlook the parking lot. These will generally be standard view rooms. If you don’t want to look at the parking lot, either book a higher priced room, or when you check-in, request a non parking lot view. This has worked the past two times I stayed at POFQ and POR.

At the moderate resorts, I don’t think the view matters as much. You don’t have a private balcony so you’re less likely to spend time out there. I would accept a parking lot view at a moderate if I had to, but I wouldn’t at a deluxe resort. It’d really suck to get a room at the WL and have it overlook the parking lot or loading dock.


I am never in my room long enough to notice the view…and when I am in my room it is dark outside.



It’s a promotion for the movie “Cars.” :laugh:




Thanks David that was just what I needed this morning…to spit water out of my nose that is :laugh:



I’m not sure, but I think most of the rooms at the All STars open on to a walkway/balcony anyway. I don’t remember noticing much outside my window beside a railing. It will be a magical vacation whatever the view.


I had a wonderful view at POFQ. We got a water view upgrade for free and it was SWEET! That being said, I rarely even notice the view. My curtains are always shut. It creeps me out that people can walk by and look right in my room at me…makes me feel like a zoo animal.

I like the Deluxe resort set-ups much better . I like that the only look-in is your balcony. It make you feel like you have a bit more privacy. Still then, my curtains are shut more than they are not.


Yeah, I hate seeing people walk by too. We usually close the curtains as well.


I always keep the curtain closed as well.

I guess I should have specified about the view. It’s not like i sit and stare out the window. I just hate being on vacation and waking up to head out to the park and open my door and all I see is a sea of cars. I guess a better view as i walk in and out of my room is one of the things I conisder all a part of my magical vacation.


If a view is important to you, then I would suggest requesting a good view at check in.


My last trip at Pop,I had a corner room in the 50s building on the first floor with a view of the lake. That was nice.


That is too funny! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I can’t believe WDW hasn’t thought of it yet :laugh:


Give them time. :dry:


Ditto. I look out in the morning to see what the weather is like.