Viewing fireworks at the Contemporary Resort


I will not be a guest at the Contemporary Resort but i would like to view the wishes fireworks show from the rooftop viewing area will i have any problems getting up there since I am not a guest there ? :mickey::mickey:


Do you mean Contemporary or BLT?

BLT is only for DVC members and I thought the roof top viewing at Contemporary is in the restaurant.


I think you may be able to view the fireworks from the 4th floor viewing deck. It’s not rooftop by any means but I believe you have to have have a dinner reservation or be a DVC member to get to the rooftops.


If you aren’t a hotel guest with a room facing the park, your options are very limited.
If you are a club level guest, you can watch from the club lounge on the 12th floor.
The only way to get to the roof (without entering off limits to guests areas) is to dine at California Grill that day. You don’t need to be dining at the restaurant at the time of the show, but you do need to have eaten there that day. If you did, they will let you back upstairs to watch.
They also have a large bar in California Grill, but I really don’t know what the rules are if you don’t have a dining reservation.
The deck on the north side of the 4th floor is directly under the monorail beams and your view will be obstructed, either partly or completely depending on where you are able to stand. I also believe they do not pipe the soundtrack to this deck. The only place where there are speakers relaying the soundtrack are in California Grill or out on the north observation deck.
As for Bay Lake Tower, you have to be a registered guest or the guest of a registered guest (and I’m sure you have to be accompanied by the guest, but I couldn’t swear to it).