Viewing Illuminations


Is there any way to know ahead of time where we will be sent to view Illuminations when we booked Candlelight processional? We have ressies at Garden Grill @ 4:10 for the 6:45 show. We also have a ressie booked that is not with candlelight processional and don’t know which to cancel. I don’t really think it’s worth 2 meals but need advice on this. We don’t mind lining up early to get a seat for the show. Is the viewing area worth the 2 meal deduction???


I’ve never don’t anything worth the 2 meal deductions. It broke my heart when CRT and LeCellier went up. Both good meals but not worth nearly $100 per adult


I totally agree about le Cellier. It’s good but not worth that kind of money. We do enjoy it but DH won’t eat there now that it has gone up to 2 meals.


I’d stick with the ressie for the Candlelight Processional. It is one of the high points of our Thanksgiving trip. It just depends on when you are going. When we go there are no seats for Candlelight unless you had a ticket from the dinner ressie. I think all Candlelight packages are two dinner points.


If you want to see the Candlelight Processional, just do it, especially if the narrator of the night is someone you want to see.
Between Thanksgiving and Dec. 30 Epcot is open until 9:30 and Illuminations runs then.
I have never bothered with the CP/dinner package. Then again, I’ve never seen more than a couple snippets of the CP.
What I would do is save the extra credit and just station yourself to the right of Lantern 1 sometime around 8:45-9:00.
Other good viewing can be found around the little pier on the German shoreline (Lantern 8 area), that plaza in front of Italy (so long as you can get all the way out there), just to the right of the arch in the water, and from the bridge between England and France (closer to England). There is also good viewing from the Canadian shoreline, mostly to the left of that “rock” and continuing to the left and the Friendship landing.
That center area of World Showcase is good, but there’s a whole plaza that is not opened up until 15 minutes before the show because it needs to be determined if the wind is blowing in or out. So, there is always a large group of people there and it can pack tightly and stay packed tightly because half of the area is roped off.

Now, these suggestions are also based on someone who wants to tape the show with the least obstructed views obtainable. If you aren’t taping, just try to be sure you have a clear view of the barges in the middle of the lagoon because that is going to be the area of focus. The islands can be real obstructions, especially from the France/Morocco border and also from some parts of China and Norway.


OK Soundgod, just to be clear, are you suggesting that we really don’t need to keep the package ressie? Do you think that we will still get decent seats in the American pavillion for the narration/show? Our dinner ressie that is not part of the “package” is at 6:45 pm which means we will need to see the 8 pm show and will we have enough time to stake out a good spot for Illuminatoins? Sorry for all the questions. I would like to cancel the dinner ressie that is in the “package” for 4:10 pm and keep the extra meal if possible since we already are going to be paying for 2 meals as it is.


I was jusr re-reading this post and I was under the impression that there were only some seats reserved for those with a ticket from the meal package, not all seats. Does this mean that those lined up waiting may actually not get seated? The one time that we did watch CP we did not have a ticket for reserved seating and we were instructed to wait in a different line to get a seat. Clarify please?


I’m actually suggesting that you catch the earliest show of the CP and then do dinner.
However, I don’t know what time they start to queue and I don’t know what time they open the house. I would hope that they have a section of the audience set aside for dinner package guests like they do for Fantasmic, but I can’t tell you what I don’t know.
Other than that, it’s all pretty much general admission-first come, first seated. This should mean that there are two lines, one general admission and one for dinner package, and they should not be next to each other. And yes, those in the general admission line might not get seated or even standing room if there are too many people queued.
The 8 PM show, depending on how crowded the park is and how crowded the area you’ve decided to view from is, might not be good for getting a really good viewing spot for Illuminations.


OK thanks for that. Definitely need to rehash all the times to make sure we think we can make whichever show we plan on seeing. I do think I don’t want to waste a second meal though.


It is usually crowded when we go. Folks with ressies get seated first and if there are any left over, they go to those without ressies on a first come first serve basis. We are booked for dinner at TeppanEdo and then the 8:15 CP. Then we see Illuminations. It really depends o when you go/how popular the guest reader is and if you want to see the show as well as hear it. It is part of our Christmas Celebration so we always use the 2 TS just to see it. We hve eaten at some lovely restaurants including Le Cellier and the Coral Reef.


Praisegirl, I think your point about the narrator of the night is especially important.

11/25 - 11/27: Mira Sorvino
11/28 - 12/01: Michael W. Smith
12/02 - 12/03: Geena Davis
12/04 - 12/06: Edward James Olmos (6:45 and 8:15 shows only)
12/07 - 12/09: Isabela Rossellini
12/10 - 12/12: Neil Patrick Harris
12/13-  12/15: Lorraine Bracco
12/16 - 12/18: TBA
12/19 - 12/21: Trace Adkins
12/22 - 12/24: Susan Lucci
12/25 - 12/27: Blair Underwood
12/28 - 12/30: Marlee Matlin (interpreter: Jack Jason)

Figure that Edward James Olmos will be popular and any of the dates from Dec 23 - 30 will be hugely popular (I’d be interested in catching the Marlee Matlin/Jack Jason performance) but Mira Sorvino and TBA might not draw as hard.

And with a name like Praisegirl, I would expect you to make the CP an annual highlight because this is something that holds great meaning for you.


Yes, that is good to know. I guess I just thought that there were only a certain number of seats set aside for those with ressies like they do for Fantasmic. It will help me with my decision making.


I believe they do only have a certain number of seats set aside as they only allow so many guests to book dinner/seating packages.
The twin factors affecting general admission are how many people are standing by and if they did or did not sell all the dinner packages for the X:00 PM show.


So, in theory, if we were at the front of the line for people without a package reservation, we would get a seat, right?


I would not even say in theory.
I would say that is exactly how it works.
You’re at the front of the stand by line basically waiting for the whole fast pass group to be accommodated and if you are in the first (I’d say) 100 people in stand by, you’ll be seated.
Now, what section or sections are blocked out for dinner package guests and how decent the viewing will be for stand by guests, but if Fantasmic is an indicator, the package people will not have the best seats down front and center.
This is an opinion based upon professional observation but may not reflect actual conditions for your show


Soundgod, you got it right about me!!
CP is a big event for my family.
But it really depends on the show time, the date and who is narrating like you said. It is tricky! Since we make the whole thing a big occasion, almost like Christmas Eve service, I do not mind using two credits. If you do that make sure you go somewhere that is truly worth you using two credits. So far we have not been disappointed by our restaurant choices in the past with Le Cellier and Coral Reef. Look at the menus and make sure it is food you like.
Whatever you decide have fun and enjoy the sights and sounds of the holidays!


[QUOTE=Praisegirl43;1092914]Look at the menus and make sure it is food you like.

Looks like someone read me as good as I read her.:wink:
This could have come from any number of my food posts over the years.