Viewing Places for the Parades


Anyone out there know of any “top secret nobody knows about” places to view the parades? We’re heading to WDW in 14 days and this is about the only thing we don’t have listed!!!:laugh:


You could try one of the spokes that radiate from the hub, most notable the Tomorrowland spokes. Also possibly in Liberty Square.
But I’m more of the fireworks expert here.


I’ll take some of the fireworks secrets too!!!


We like to watch SpectroMagic from Liberty Square. We’ve found some nice places with shorter waits than Main Street. After the parade is over we walk to main Street for Wishes.


Ditto on both


We discovered Liberty Square as a Spectro viewing place our last trip. We stood on the steps near Liberty Tree Tavern and had a great view over all the heads!


Ask away and I’ll give you answers.


We plan on seeing all the fireworks and parades and need a good viewing location for all of them. I have a bad back, so I could use a place that I could stand and sit on and off. Do places like this exist?


need an answer on FP thread. Jump up there when you get a chance.

Sandmshell try the desert party if they’re still doing it after Aug. I hear it’s WONDERFUL!!! and has chairs in case you need a seat.