Viking of the Day?


I admit, I’m not a big fan of Epcot, but I heard something about Viking of the Day?

The only thing I ever knew about that was similar was in 2002, we went with my younger brother and his buddy Fred, and they did Epcot w/o us one day. Turns out they went to Germany, were drinking beer, and a bunch of kids were dancing to polka, and my brother’s buddy Fred got named the Mayor for a day! They told me about it, but I didn’t see it. One heckuva story.

So what’s this about Viking for a Day?


I think that the first person to ride the boat in Norway gets to be viking of the day and gets a hat. at least that is what I’ve heard.


That sounds fun. They have so many neat things at WDW. Just when you think you know everything about WDW, something else always pops up. Thanks for the info.



Vikings? In Germany?? I think your brother must have been in Norway! :laugh: (how many beers did he have? :wink: )


I don’t know about Viking for a Day, but in 2003 my parents were the first to ride Spaceship Earth for the day and received a Certificate honoring them. This seems to be a common but lesser known Disney practice.

If they gave out a special hat for riding the Maelestrom in Norway, I would definately wear it, especially if it had the two horns sticking up. LOL



Yup, me, too. I would wear the hat.


:laugh: Me, too…but I’d have to wrestle my kids for it!!


OMG…i NEVER knew that there were little momentos for being the first to ride a ride…that is neat…any more rides do this, besides Norway and Spaceship Earth?

btw…I would wear the viking hat too!


yeah, I feel ya, Aerox. My kids would definitely fight me for the hat.

I’d win, though. I’m taller!


:eek: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :eek:


Don’t let Cavey hear ya say that!


That is it…next time I’m at EPCOT my goal is to be the Official Viking for the day!

But then again I am the Official Viking of the Tigger household everyday…


I’m sorry, you misread. I read about Vikings in Norway. The only thing I ever heard abut that was anything LIKE what my brother and his friend did in Germany (the Mayor for a day), so I was curious if it was similar to that.


It is in the Akershus restaurant. My son was make Viking for the Day several years ago when he ate 7 plates of their cold meats from the buffet table. (He had made a deal with the waitress.) Then he ate all the cookies he had painted. They gave him a paper hat and some other stuff.
This is similar to the headdress they give you at Whispering Cafe. My son ate several plates of meat there and drank 2 liters of cola all by himself. So they made him an honorary something or other (I forget) and he wore a headdress of feathers and straws. (He flirted with the waitress there.)


my brother and dad tried to get viking of the day on our last trip, but weren’t able to…I’m sure they’ll try again this trip!


I’m so gonna be Viking of the Day! It’s on my itinerary!!!


I am going to try real hard next time I go to be something special…hehehe…perhaps even honorary jungle cruise captain…hehehe???


…and you’d probably cheat!


I wouldn’t cheat, because that’s not the right thing to do.

However, I WOULD use creative tactics to win!