Villains Dinner at 1900 Park Fare


Does anyone know anything about the Villains Dinner at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian?

Does it only run on certain days or time of year?

Any photos anyone??


The villians dinner has been gone for many year. They sorts have some kind of a villan-ish meal now. It’s Cinderella, Prince charming, the ugly step sisters and the evil stepmother…sorta villians, but not really. They are more funny than evil. It’s every night.


Thanks- a work college was telling me about it, I thought it must be something to do with Halloween. it sounded like a lot of fun although I guess a bit scary for the young ones :eek:


It was long before I started going to WDW regularly. Dinner was with Minnie mouse there when I started going. I don’t think they have a special halloween meal,but I could be wrong. The evil stepsisters and stepmother were not in the least scary. I did not see one upset child. They were more goofy, that scary. Especially the stepsisters.


We met the step sisters too and they are really funny, so completely in character.


I totally agree and think the compltely stole the show from Cinderella. They are rare characters and ciny can be seen all over the place, so they got tons of attention and ate it up…lol


This still sounds like a lot of fun, we are intending to have a meal at 1900 Park Fare,


1900 Park Fayre is so good Jimbo- have you eaten there before? We try and do it at least once on our trips, and is a great opportunity to look around the beautiful Grand Floridian Hotel. Breakfast or dinner are both worth doing.


You should go to the dinner. I think the characters for breakfast are different. I want to say it’s alice and wonderland and “friends”…


Yes it is Alice and Wonderland with the mad hatter and Mary Poppins. Again though the Mad Hatter is hysterical. He can make faces and roll his eyes REALLY well.:laugh:


I’m trying to get a last-minute ADR for 1900 Park Fare for tomorrow night (Tuesday). So far no luck. I’ve been dying to try it!


Well because I have read so much here and other web sites we have decided to have breakfast and dinner at 1900 Park Fare. (not in the same day)


Both meals are amazing at the 1900 and you get ushc a wide variety to choose from, the deserts at the evening meal are soooooo delicious you’ll be apoiled for choice! Its also a great opportunity to have your picture with Cinderella without having to have a meal up in the Castle!