Villas at the Grand Floridian


I was wondering if anyone has stayed at the Villas at the Grand Floridian. I am booked at the Poly right now but they do not have a fitness center and that is a must. So right now I think I need to change my reservation but when I tried to change it the person booking my room told me I wouldn’t be happy at the Villas at the Grand Floridian. I really don’t know why. So looking at prices I think my choices are the Villas at GF or the Beach Club Resort. I have stayed at the GF before and loved it, but there aren’t any rooms available in my price range accept at the Villas at GF. I would love some input.


I haven’t stayed there but I can’t see what’s not to like about it. Look at room pictures and see if it appeals to you and if it does give it a try. The CM you spoke to may not even be in Orlando and there’s a really good chance he/she has not been to the resort.


We stayed there a few weeks after it opened and loved it!! We had a lake view studio and could see Wishes. It was very quiet…never saw anyone on our floor. You should try it.


I don’t understand why you wouldn’t like the villas if you know you like the main hotel. It’s all the same dining, facilities, monorail access, etc. Plus you’ll still have that “new room smell”.


Also, isn’t the Poly a bit of a construction site right now with all the work happening for the new DVC over there? I would definitely take the opportunity to stay at the brand new GF Villas, especially if you’ve enjoyed the Floridian in the past.


2nd Star, W/a lake view, do you get a full view of Wishes w/the music on your tv? Such as BLT? We are considering a Boss turns 55 trip.


I found out my discount pin code is not valid for GF Villas. I still have my reservations for the Poly. But I am eyeing the Yacht Club or Beach Club. I don’t know anyone who has stayed at either of those resorts. Any thoughts?


Awesome location for both. The International Gateway is right there for Epcot and a pleasant trail over to Hollywood Studios. Also, one of the best pools out of all the resorts.