Villas at Wilderness Lodge info, please



I am looking for information on the VWL. I have found a lot of general information. I am looking for specific room information. ‘Which rooms have a view of what’ type of stuff.

We have never stayed here before and would welcome all the information/opinions you may have.

UPDATE: We are in! And now Mr. Carmichael, you can run, but you can not hide.


VWL is always our #1 choice for the total escape from even the rest of WDW. The whole complex is absolutely relaxing.

#1- lakeside starting as high as you can go which is floor 5. If not floor 4 is good. But even this high the lake is generally blocked by trees.
#2- lakeside floor 1 for the patio space only. The lake is totally blocked by vegitation.
#3- driveway side floor 1 for the patio space. You really cannot see or hear anything from the driveway.

The smallish balconies are the only drawback. If you plan on doing a lot of outside relaxing at the resort you might want to just go for a first floor room. We also try to get as far down from the lobby so we hear less foot traffic. But the lobby has some nice reading areas which are a really relaxing escape on their own.

You will not be able see any fireworks no matter where you are in the Villas.


I have no answer myself but I too am interested in this as this will be our first choice for Thanksgiving week this year.


I love all of the DVC sites. And VWL is not for everyone. But the small size and out of the way location make the resort what it is.


We are staying at VWL in 2 weeks. I will try and be diligent about taking some photos and posting some info after our trip. Can’t promise anything though.


We absolutely loved it. Because it’s in it’s own building, it’s very private and secluded - but if you want more action you can just walk to the WL. Our suite (we only stayed once) was overlooking some forest and the lake. Beautiful. We could see the little Electrical Light parade on the lake from our balcony. I think it was the top floor. We only had a studio - but it was very comfortable. I’m not the “woodsy” type, but it was decorated very nicely. “Cosy” is the word I think of. I’d stay there again in a heartbeat.


I can’t help Boss (of course who can :rolleyes:) with his question…but one thing we really like about VWL is the “lobby” area. I don’t know if that is the right word. When we stayed a couple of years ago, you walk in and there are several sitting areas. A fireplace with a few chairs. Around the bend, a few tables with checkers I believe. Another fireplace, more rocking chairs. Outside a porch area with more rocking chairs. Just a very relaxing area.


Not much I can say about the villas, but Wilderness Lodge is one of my favorites.
I think the lodge is more attractive than the villas because of the soaring lobby that the villas certainly lack. But if you’re eating at the lodge, you’ll get plenty of time to marvel at the lobby and its huge fireplace.


That they took the same open design element in a smaller scale in the Villas in an a attempt to tie the two together is nice.


I want to stay there someday!


I love the Villas… that’s our home resort. While going through my Trip Reports though, I only wrote about the room numbers three times.

1502 - “We did a Studio this time, and it should be the last time that we do that. It’s cramped, so you have to be a pretty tight family…and you don’t have a full kitchen (microwave, small fridge, toaster, coffee pot). But, all I can say is that 1502 is awesome! In all of the Villas, you couldn’t get closer to the Lodge…which means closer to the bus stop, dock, pool, shop, mug refill area, etc… Hilarious thing is that this was the first year that I didn’t send a fax requesting a room EXACTLY like this, and the first year that we got it. Only downside is that it was also closest to foot traffic, but we heard none the entire trip.”

2451 - “We had a 1-BR villa on the 2nd floor (2451) which faced a… well, it was a swamp. They had a downpour before we arrived and another early in our stay, and the water wasn’t going anywhere. I think this also started to become a problem area for insects and it seemed like we either had pests or a slight smell of insecticide when we were on the balcony.”

4540 - “We had a 1-BR villa on the 4th floor (4540) which faced the road that leads to Fort Wilderness. Not the greatest view, but we didn’t spend much time on the balcony.”



Also found this in the Unofficial Guide:

“The best are odd-numbered-rooms 2531-2563 and 3531-3563, which open to northeast, or lakeside, of the resort (though you can’t see the lake).”

I’m not sure why the 4000 rooms aren’t mentioned.



Thank you, my peeps. I have to wait for my 7 month window to open, but when it does, I want to be ready.

We’ve never stayed here, so I have some anonymity. Which is a good thing these days.


We were there in November - I guess the trees that were not indigenus to Florida had lost their leaves - because we had a clear view of the lake. I remember that was the one thing I enjoyed the most - sitting on our little balcony in the evening looking at the lake.

My one gripe about WL is the boat to the MK. I know that lots of people love it - but we had terrible luck with it. It took FOREVER and nothing makes me feel sicker than the smell of diesel fuel - and there was a lot on that boat. Everytime I got off that boat I felt nauseaus. Of course, as I say, maybe that’s just me…


I may just swim back and forth. Good exercise, don’t you know.

I could carry Den on my back.



My one gripe about WL is the boat to the MK. I know that lots of people love it - but we had terrible luck with it. It took FOREVER and nothing makes me feel sicker than the smell of diesel fuel - and there was a lot on that boat. Everytime I got off that boat I felt nauseaus. Of course, as I say, maybe that’s just me…[/QUOTE]

The wait for the boat is what annoys me. I don’t understand why disney doesn’t see why waiting on a boat dock with no shelter from the weather can spoil some fun.


Considered th Treehouse Villas @ SSR?


I think Boss has already done the Treehouses, hence why he cannot go back if his pic is posted at the check in desk. :ohmy: :laugh:


Remember what Uncle Bob taught us:

“Try imagining a place where it 's always safe and warm.
‘Come in,’ she said.
‘I’ll give you shelter from the storm.’”


Operative word here is ‘If’

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