Villians Shopping At Disney Studios


I have never seen this store. My sister loves the Disney Villians. Does anyone know what are the prices like in this store?



The prices are the same in every store for the same item. Is there something in particular you’re looking for?


They just have all the villain merchandise in one store, but really, you can get pretty much all of it in the bigger Disney stores there. And yes, just as catfish already said, same prices. They’re not too pricey, as a rule.


I am a major villian lover and always stop in there when I am at the studios. Whatever they have at that store can be found at the mega disney store in DTD, so keep that in mind. All the prices are the same all over WDW. As for what they have, they have some Tshirts, sweathshirts and miscellaneous items. Nothing spectacular as the store is very tiny, but still one of my favortie little shops to stop in.


Thank you this will help my sister.



That is also one of my favorite stores. It is a must stop for me!!


I was just trying to get some general idea of how much money to tell her to bring. She loves the Villians and has one of the big snowglobes with them all on or in it.



I grew up with Siamese cats always in the house, so the last trip we took to WDW I got my Mom the two mean Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp, Si &Am!


Maybe someone who’s going before you can check for a snowglobe?


That’s not a bad idea.



It’s a great store. Has some nightmare before xmas merchandise too, which can be hard to find sometimes.


I love the Villians store, in fact I wore my Villians t-shirt yesterday. :mickey:


How much was the t-shirt?



Anyone going in the next few weeks that can tell me how much some of the snowglobes are at the Villians Store?



i think the villain shop in disney studios is a great idea.:mickey:


Has anyone just come back or is anyone leaving soon that will be going to the Villians store sometime soon?


You’re gonna get there before me, Jenny.
(lucky dog)

Try going to the Diseny Shopping web site for stuff.


prices the same as most stores but make sure you hum to the speaker music and see who joins in!!!


We’ll be there tomorrow (Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, as my momma used to say). You need me to look for something Jenny?


Sorry Catfish I didn’t respond sooner.