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Does anyone know if Disneyland is going to get any more of the 3" series 1 figures in or if they’re done. I’ve heard every possible variation on this theme from Cast Members the last 2 weeks. I hope Disney will keep the first series in production while people are finding out about this cool new line. I just found out about them last week (about 3 days too late) while at the park and had to settle for the 9" small world design. If they’re not coming back I don’t mind hitting ebay but I’ll hate myself it was just a matter of waiting a week or two for them to come back.


Not sure…lots of these threads popping up from brand new members. must be VERY popular.


Hello there, welcome to MB! I was in Disneyland last month & heard the same uncertainty as you did from CMs in the stores. Something tells me that they won’t keep Series 1 in production for long once the first Urban series comes out next month but that’s just my hunch.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


when i was at disneyworld in january, they said that series 1 was all sold out. only to find out from members of these boards, that some disney store was selling them in NY like a week ago.

i hope series 1 is done being produced cuz if not, i wasted a lot of money buying my collection on ebay. bit of good news though, was able to secure a chaser on ebay for a really reasonable price! yay! i think im done for series one.


it kind of is. one reason is that it’s the new collectible line, and the blind assortment makes it pretty exciting. two, is that it appeals to vinyl collectors, since it’s another thing to collect. three, for people like me who love both Disney AND vinyl, it doesn’t really get any better. hehe.


-I like that they’re not too big(at least the 3")
-That there aren’t 20 or more released every week like pins

  • I even enjoy the blind pack aspect of it. Its like collecting baseball cards.

I just wish they’d stuck with the first series longer than 6 weeks since they’re not really limited edition. I’m having to pay 1.5-2X the retail price for the series on ebay even though I live less than 1 hour from Disneyland. I thought no big deal at first because I was only gonna buy one or two of them but now that I got my first (monorail), I’ve got to have them all (maybe not the balloon chaser).

I wonder if they’ll sell more blanks with the urban series. I wonder if the urban series will be nearly as popular since people don’t seem as enthused by the non-Disney designs.


let me know if you need any advice on the ebay stuff dani. been watching them a ton on ebay. i think im finally done since i just won myself a chaser. at least im going to tell myself that. =P

which ones have you got so far?


My DD and I completed the vinyl pin series while in WDW …that was a bugger…took us eight days and way to much money to finish the surprise set. I can’t even imagine what it takes to get all the “dolls” finished. Best of luck to you.


I bought the 9" Small World at Disneyland a couple weeks ago and I’ve won monorail, bad apple and tea cups so far. I’ve had a couple close calls with the SMRT-1 robot and stupidly not put in the one extra bid that would have won the auction.

The Small World and Monorail caught my eye at first but my fave is the Yeti, I’m about ready to quit messing around and just pay the $20 for him. The Apple is my least favorite but I got him cheap.

How about everyone else? Favorites-least favorites?


i have the whole set that i bought on ebay and my fave’s are the yeti, figment and kermit.



How about everyone else? Favorites-least favorites?

I wasn’t out to collect ALL of the Park 1 series, I just wanted my favorites & thankfully after my visit to the WoD NYC store I am done. :smile:

My LEAST favorites are ‘Bad Apple,’ ‘LED,’ and ‘Yeti.’

My favorites are ‘SMRT-1,’ ‘Monorail Red,’ & ‘Teacup’


favorites of mine are monorail and ELP. i was actually only going to get those two from series 1. but the more i looked at them the more i started liking the yeti, and bad apple as well. Finally, i caved and sprung for the chase figure too. it’s just a piece that represents the disney parks so well i had to have it.

least favs are fireworks and mickey hat. they just dont translate well on the actual figures. didnt like haunted mansion either at first, but the more i look at that one… well, lets just say i dont want to look at it anymore. haha plus i dont want to pay out the nose for a piece im not in love with.

the kermit figure translates REALLY well on the vinylmation medium, but i never had an affinity towards the muppets so i didnt really want to get him either.

im still super jealous of you wishuponastar, getting the pieces you wanted right off the bat. =P


Last night I won the fireworks Mickey on ebay and missed out on SMRT-1. Yet another one of the designs I only wanted to complete my set rather than the ones I loved. I’m pretty sure I’ll like it more once I have the actual piece. Also it was my wife’s favorite… so thats nice.
I’m surprised to hear theBing say you don’t like the sorceror’s hat piece. I think its my favorite of the more stylized designs. Funny about the Haunted Mansion piece. I had never noticed that design on the walls before I went back to the park last week. Now I appreciate it a little more. It seems to be getting some of the highest bids on ebay for some reason.

Looking forward to the next release in March. The only good thing about buying the Mickey’s one at a time is that it’ll keep me occupied 'til the new ones hit stores.


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just found this site. They’ve got some new pictures of future series. Check it out!


Thanks for the link!


haha sorry to hate on the mickey hat version dani. i think it’s a great design, it just didnt translate well onto the figure itself. The ELP didnt translate well either, but i still like it. =P


[QUOTE=Daniocal;937699]Welcome to!

just found this site. They’ve got some new pictures of future series. Check it out![/QUOTE]

love that site. i love the new exclusive haunted mansion ones they put up. i wish i could afford one. :sad: