VIP seats for fantasmic


I heard from one of my neighbors that if you eat at a certain restaurant or something at mgm then they give you special seats to see fantasmic.She said that they do that if you eat at Mama Melrose or the hollywood brown derby. Has anyone else ever heard of this?We would love to have good seats for fantasmic!


Call Disney Dining and ask for the Fantasmic Dinner Package. You have your choice of three restaurants (Brown Derby, Mama Melrose, and Hollywood and Vine). When you arrive at dinner, you will receive a pass that allows you to enter Fantasmic from the side and they have seating available there.

We do this every time we are down in Disney because it is my DD favorite show, but at 4 years old she doesn’t have the patience to stand in that long line to wait. It works perfect for us!!!



Sounds great thanks for the fast reply. Do you know if the seats are up closer or are they just near the exit. They are they special in any way?


They are in a special section on the side, but you get a great view. Really there is no bad view in the place unless you are standing. I recommend the Hollywood &Vine restauraunt. It is a buffet with something for everyone, lots of kid friendly items and great desserts. It is also the least expensive of the restauraunts that offer the package and is all you can eat. Be sure to specify that you want the Fantasmic packabe when you call for your PS. It sure beats standing in line for 90 minutes waiting for the show, especially if you have kids.


We had a Magical Gathering group there in May and we ate at H&V
and had a great time. The CM’s are great and so is the food! You will get a pass for Fantasmic and when it’s time you can enter next to the gas station at the entrance to MGM and walk to the seating area. We do it every time we are there. The show is Fantastic. lol Have a Magical vacation!!! Joe


We ate at Mama Melrose and it was the best dinner we had on our trip. :mickey:


I am another vote for Hollywood and Vine. Like everyone has said, it is a buffet with great choices. The seats are good they are on the side, but there is no bad view (unless you are standing like Karliebug said).



The advantage isn’t really the location of the seats. It is that you don’t have to get in line 90 minutes before the show to get the seats.


Me and my wife did the Brown Derby Dinner Package and it was great. The food was very good. However, it was a little pricey. Still, if you can afford it i would strongly suggest it. The seats for the show were good and it was worth the money to be able to just go right to our seats instead of having to get to the show alot earlier to make sure we got seats.


Here’s a tip. Do dinner at Mama Melrose or Hollywood and Vine or Brown Derby and get the voucher to get in the side. The real advantage though, is to sit towards the top of the bleachers in the back. You will still be able to see everything very clearly, but you will also be able to get out and get to the exit more quickly. I’ve done this a couple times, once with small children and also with just adults and it’s much better to sit at the top…no one else seems to think of this though. :happy:


I just booked this at the Hollywood & Vine. They said the show starts at 9:00P.M. and the PS starts at 4:00 till 7:00. I did the PS for the 7:00 because I figured we could eat and be in our seat by 9:00. They said they have seats reserved for this dinner package, so you definatley get a seat!


So what I’m reading is…if I want to do Hollywood & Vine Pkg, then I better call now for PS, for October visit ? Think I’ll have luck if I wait another month? Thx.


October may be busy due to the Food and Wine festival. Better safe than sorry if you are able to plan ahead. Just MHO!


I did the Fantasmic Package once through default(we didn’t know until after eating that our Disney Dining Experience card wasn’t valid on New Year’s Eve and when we complained to the manager she gave us passes for Fantasmic),and the seats were just as good as the regular seats. However,I don’t mind doing the regular seats because I am quite content to get to the theater 90 minutes before show time and sit up at the top(where we always sit)and read my book and people watch. When you can go to WDW anytime you want(and yes I’m bragging :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ),it sort of removes the pressure to see everything in one fell swoop. Also,I bring a pack of cards and my mother and I will play rummy or some such game.


So if they require your credit card #, I guess it’s different than a PS. Like ChetNet, we are going in October.


Yes, they will charge your credit card if you do not show unless you call 48 hrs. in advance to cancel. With other PS there are no consequences for no shows except CRT, I think.


Mamma Melrosa is always a great place to eat and getting seats at Fantasmic through this plan is better than waiting inline for an hour.



We did this in May and it was great. The food at H&V was average. I would maybe do another restaurant next time if I could afford it. The first time I called for the package, the only time slot they had was at 4:20pm. I did not book it because we already had a lunch PS at noon. I called back about a month before the trip and they had a 7:00 opening. We got to H&V fifteen minutes early but still had to wait until almost 7:30 to get seated. So I felt a little rushed eating to make sure we would get seats for the show. It all worked out in the end. This is well worth worth it with small children. We had a hard time keeping them seated for 20 minutes until the show started! I can’t imagine keeping them entertained for 90 minutes. Book the package if you can and you will have one thing less to worry about! Have a great trip!


How far ahead do u have to book this?


I booked H&V for Fantasmic! about a week or two ago and there were still lots of spots open, and I was very flexable about which night we were going to go. I would call now if you want to go on your up-coming trip, looks like youll beat me there by about 10 days, LOL.