Virtual Magic Kingdom Players


Ok, can we make a list of player’s names on VMK?

They wouldn’t allow Dopey (how imaginative :pinch: ), instead they offered


So that’s me then.
I change clothes too often, but right now I have blond, shoulder lenght hair, wear a green hat with white polka dots, red tank top, red pants, and red shoes.
I look smashing, if I do say so myself :cool:

C’mon everybody, add yourselves to this list


I would be “Cheshireboots”
I am green with red hair and glasses.


I am DCtigger and I look like a young Garth Brooks :laugh:


I was ‘Kippage’ when VMK first opened for Beta testing. Not sure if they’ve wiped me out of the database or not. :huh:


I’m prprincess…they stylin’ chick with the dark hair, blue top, and yellow capris. :wink:


queensmama is my name everywhere


Ok people, now you all go there and I’ll try and find ya :biggrin:


prprincess and I are planning on meeting tonight around 730 EST. If anyone else want to join us, just pm me here on dc when you log on, and I will pm you back how to find us.


I am MagicaDeSpell

I am an extreme rookie at this. I am trying to learn! I wear a red mickey shirt, shorts, red flip flops, blonde hair.


Ok Queensmama, where should we meet?


I’m PrincessJoy.

I change my clothes, hair color and skin color often…just cause I can!


i am guest 154477.:mickey:


I have no idea what my name is. I played it once a couple months ago, but I quit pretty fast because I couldn’t figure out how to do anything! (not the most patient person in the world…) Now I’ve completely forgotten all my info. :laugh: I’ll have to make up a new one.


All of you need to join us tonight! Log on and them pm me here and I will tell you where we are and how to meet us.

PJ all you need is use your email address and your password. If not you can use your birthday. Try to log on and see what happens.



I am MinnieLilo

Whatever I wear, I’m always with my Herbie helmet


oh! Thanks queensmama!! I’m on! :slight_smile:

argh… sort of… it told me my name wasn’t approved! PrincessJill was taken so I did PrincessJilly… what’s wrong with that?? :dry:

I sent them a new one… DCPrincessPJ… hopefully they’ll accept that!


Hey Jeany, good going. We will see you and the others here at 8pm tonight


What am I doing wrong?

I typed in my name and password, and it takes me to a plain white screen. Nothing ever loads. :huh:


try again it was closed for a few minutes


I am Bumble on VMK, and…and here also, lol