Virtual world showcase?


I know there is a virtual Magic Kingdom out there but is there a virtual World Showcase or something? The best place to just walk around in WDW in my opinion is World Showcase and that would be awesome if I could do that cyber-style! Let me know if there is such a site. Thanks


Here are some::smile:They aren’t as good as the MK one but they are ok.


WOAH!!! THANK YOU R2G!!! and thank you darbyogill for the suggestion!


You are Welcome Tessa. :smile:


Love these sites!


Yeah you’re welcome


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VMK now has a Sci Fi Dinner and will be getting Expedition Everest items and an Animal Kingdom room very soon.

So, who knows… currently there is not a World Showcase, but it may come before the year is out, especially since EPCOT is turning 25 soon. They tend to incorporate current promos and attractions into the game like that.


Thanks for the update on VMK, SpiderDad!! That’s pretty cool! Maybe a WS is soon to follow! :c)

The links are cool, R2G!


i love world showcase in epcot. they need a virtual Future World too.


Here are a few links:

Cool 3D Model:


I’m going to have to try these later. World Showcase is our FAVORITE place in WDW. Even DD and DS love it!!!


World Showcase Virtual Tour

Here is a link to a lot of virtual Disney tours.