Visiting 11/1 thru 11/7 2008


Tooooo excited!!

anyone else going this November?


I am not going in November but I will share your excitement - we are going in Oct! 34 days to go :slight_smile:


Iam!Family and I will be there Nov 1-9 staying at the poly.Where will you be staying and who will be with you.Do you have ADrs if so where will you be eating.


I’m not going in November but I am still sooooooooooooo excited. I haven’t been in a long time. Only 20 days to go for my Oct. 2nd trip!


I will be there in November. Our dates are Nov. 15-18. We will just miss you.


I will be there! :happy:
we arrive very late 10/30 and go back home 11/8!!! Can’t wait!!! :cool:


We’ll be there too! Oct 31-Nov 3 . . . can’t wait!!! My favorite time of year to go! :wub:


We’re staying in a villa in Terra Verde this year. Too many adults for ‘one bathroom’ in any of the hotel rooms, and too few funds to afford the larger suites on site.

thanks for reminding me to call and ask about any possible reservations that might be available for dd19 and myself. the other three (dd21 ds24 and ds28 will spend most of their time at universal, ioa, and w&w) will possibly join us at Animal Kingdom one day.

all you october visiters have a terrific time!!!


Oh wow, so many people visiting!
I sure wish I could be there with you all! :blush:


I am going the end of November spilling over into the 1st week of December. 11/29 thru 12-6.
So technically, I am going in November…even if it is just two days!:laugh:


i’m thinking about it…


We’ll be there in spirit only but will be looking forward to TR’s from all, Our trip is soooooooo far away :frown:


I am going November 7-11… I cannot wait… :cool:


I am going in November for ABC Super Soap Weekend. It is such fun. This will be my 4th year to go. Anyone else going to the event?


We are headed down 11/28 - 12/6. 74 days and can’t stand it!!!


Yep! My DH and I will be there for my birthday (11/7) from 11/5-11/9 and plan to hit up the Food & Wine Festival at the same time! Can’t wait! Have a great time on your trip! :mickey:


:cool:We are going for 10 days in November and can’t wait!!! The weather last year was high 80’s and very little rain-see ya there:pirate:


We’ll be there 11/21-11/26 and going to our very first MVMCP on the 21st…we can’t wait!!:happy:


I will be there with my Mom from 13th to the 20th. Its our 3rd year. I just love Super Soap Weekend…I am a huge Michael Easton fan.


I am a Michael Eastibn fan too!! I have gotten his autograph twice and he was so nice to me. He took extra time and talked to me about the loss of my daughter and shared with me about loosing his mom. He is so good looking. Maybe I will see you there!!!