Visiting another park without a car


So, it looks like I will be going again for free dining in August. My aunt was toying with the idea of visiting either Universal or SeaWorld for a day while we are there but we will not have a car. I know that Mears operates shuttles from WDW to those parks and they are pretty reasonable.

Has anyone ever used them? Is it easy or is it more trouble than it’s worth?




I used a towncar service, which was $55 round trip. You can also take the LYNX bus for $1.50 each way, but with kids to schlep I didn’t want to bother.


I would personally split the cost of a towncar or taxi to go to another park and not use mears. This worked perfectly for me. Buy the sea world tickets online and before you go.


We rented a car for the day from Alamo at the Dolphin. It was about $60, but we went with a convertible. It was worth it to us to have our own transportation and not depend on a shuttle or taxi.


Dsis and I used a shuttle service in '99. It was quick and easy. I believe it was about $7 round-trip per person. I don’t recall if it was Mears. We did have to make a few stops on the way to and from Universal, but it did not take very long. I would do it again if it were just my Dsis and I alone. It was worry-free!


For me I would rent a car. It may be more money but you go and come at your own time. You wont have to wait for a shuttle to come and get you and besides after a long day in a hot park I wont want to be stuck with other peoples loud crying kids all the way back to my hotel…


When we took our shuttle, we called the night before. It arrived at POR on-time. When we left Universal, we grabbed one of the shuttles waiting in the lot. You can request a specific time, but they usually have shuttles waiting for you. Again, this was in '99.


I’ve used Mears shuttles twice (before I moved here) and didn’t have a problem either time. The shuttle was there when they said it would be and waiting for us when we left the park. Renting a car requires you to pay for parking which did not fit into our spring break budget trip!


Can you designate what time you want the shuttle to pick you up or is it on a set schedule?


Before we had a hire car we always used taxis to go to parks like Sea World, we would either pay ‘round trip’ and call when we were ready to leave, or there was a number of available yellow cabs waiting outside the entrance.


Yes. You can call and specify the time of pick-up.


Sure you have looked at options and it comes down to personal choice. I now always go for Quicksilver tours as i have found them very helpful always available at a time you want them. I’m sure there must be cheaper options out there but once i found them reliable i stick with it. here are some prices lifted from the web site-•

                      One way       Roundtrip

Universal Studios $ 40.00 $ 70.00

Sea World $ 35.00 $ 65.00

Port Canaveral $ 145.00 $ 260.00

Busch Gardens/Kennedy Space Centre $ 150.00 $ 280.00

Quicksilver Tours & Transportation : Orlando airport Disney World transportation.

for me paying for the car to be in the car park all day is just not worth the hassle.